Train accidents prevention meeting in Incirliova

📩 01/12/2018 16:06

Prevention of train accidents meeting in Incirliova: Train accidents prevention meeting in Incirliova: TCDD İzmir 3rd Regional Deputy Director Nizamettin Çiçek stated that the number of train accidents in our region in 2007 was 61 and said, “This figure decreased by approximately 2014 percent to 50 in 35. " said.

The measures to be taken against train accidents were discussed in the ”train accident prevention meeting kaz held in the İncirliova District Governor's Meeting Hall.

District Governor Adam Ünal, in his speech, told civil society organizations, drivers, students and citizens training in train accidents.

TCDD 3. Deputy Regional Director Nizamettin Cicek reminded that Incirliova Train Station is the first railway station opened by the British in 1866. Noting that the economic development has been achieved with the opening of the railway station and railway, Çiçek has informed that 109 in Aydın is the 6 level crossing in İncirliova.

Nizamettin stressed that Turkey above the average of level crossings in the county figures Flower, "In the 1,9 kilometers of railroad crossings ranges, while 1,3 kilometers Aydin Incirliova, this figure drops to 1,2 kilometers. Looking at the last 7 year, the number of accidents and fatal accidents is considerably reduced. In 2007, the number of train crashes in 22 was 2014, but in 80, 4 declined by XNUMX to XNUMX. I hope these figures will be less after that, "he said.

After the meeting, the delegation made the most of the traffic accidents in the neighborhood of Ataturk barrier-free level crossing and TCDD made by the lower passage.

District Garrison Commander Mehmet Lütfi Yılmaz, AK Party District Chairman Kazım Günaydın, the department managers and muhtars attended the meeting.

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