Van Greater 2018 made 729 Km Road

van buyuksehir made 2018 km 729 km
van buyuksehir made 2018 km 729 km

Van Metropolitan Municipality spent 2018 million TL in 64 and made 729 mileage and asphalt works.

Van Metropolitan Municipality, which writes history with road investments last year, continued its road leaps in this year. Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Office teams 7 729 monthly work with hot asphalt, surface coating and stabilized road work again by doing a great success. Hundreds of settlements with hot and asphalted roads and dozens of streets and streets have been renovated and opened for service in the city center and 13 district. Metropolitan Municipality, in the last two years by making a total of a thousand 700 kilometers in the city is almost asphalted.

In the winter months with the completion of the asphalt and road works have started the fight against snow stating that the Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department head Serdar Tarhan, road and asphalt work in a fruitful season left behind, he said.

Tarhan stated that they converted approximately 88 of the resource allocated to them into investment.

Dik As the 2017 in Van Metropolitan Municipality, we made a very serious asphalt and road investment in 2018. During the 7 monthly period, we carried out renovation work on dozens of streets and streets, especially on the 76 neighborhood road. In this year, we have carried out 323 mileage asphalt, 61 kilometer surface covering and 345 kilometer stabilized road. We used approximately 729 thousand tons of asphalt. Of course, an important part of our work has been done with our own work force. In addition, we built our work paths with art structures and infrastructure works almost from scratch. I would like to express my gratitude to the state elders, the Governor and the Mayors, the General Secretary and the deputies who provided this investment opportunity. I would also like to thank all my colleagues who contributed to this study. Ayrıca

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