This time, they forgot the displacement of the infrastructure in the Izmir Tram project.

This time, they forgot the displacement of the infrastructure in the Izmir Tram project: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality added a new one to their forgetfulness in the metro and New Fairground projects. While the tram project was tendered, it was revealed that the infrastructure displacements of the routes that the line will pass through were not included in the tender file.
The Metropolitan Municipality of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the Üçyol-Üçkuyular line of the subway even though there is no fire detection and extinguishing system, skipped the transportation of high voltage lines in Gaziemir, this time with Üçkuyular. KarşıyakaHe forgot to put infrastructure displacements in the tender file of 2 separate tram lines, which are foreseen to be built in. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will be built in February to complement the metro system, with a 12.6 kilometer long 19-stop Konak Tramway and a 9.7 kilometer long 15-stop Karşıyaka With the construction of the tram line, a total of 38 vehicles and spare parts that will work on these two lines have been tendered. However, after the decision of the commission regarding the tram construction tender was notified to the companies, Comsa Sau & Pojazdy Sznynowe Pesa Bydgoszcz was moved to the JCC with the last day's objection by the Spolka Akcyjna consortium. Following the rejection of this objection by the Spanish-Polish joint consortium by the JCC, the tender procedure was completed and the first advantageous company was invited to the contract; Signatures were signed within the legal period and Gülermak Ağır San. Const. and Taah. The place was delivered to A.Ş. But in the past time, neither Üçkuyular- Halkapınar nor Karşıyaka A pickaxe could be hit for the construction of the tram.
The research conducted by Egeli Sabah revealed the scandal underlying the delay, while Izmir Metropolitan Municipality forgot to put the infrastructure displacements on the routes where the line will pass, while tendering both tram lines. When this is the case, the work to be done before the tender remains after the tender. In addition to investor organizations such as TEDAŞ, TELEKOM and İZSU, Büyükşehir Municipality asked whether there are any infrastructure investments that cross the tram line with the route that will cross the tram line. Then, companies were asked to raise costs for the displacement of the infrastructure investments that cross the tram line. When this was the case, construction of the line could not be started even though the site was delivered. It was a matter of curiosity how the additional costs that would occur due to displacement would be covered. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will either bid for a new tender for displacement or will include its displacement costs by increasing discovery. The fact that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality goes to the discovery increase before the project starts, may cause trouble in case of an unforeseen production in the future. If the Metropolitan Municipality fills the discovery increase of 20 percent, the metro will have to knock on the door of the Council of Ministers for the second time in this project, as in the Üçyol-Üçkuyular line. All these processes, as in many other projects, may cause the tram project to not be completed within the prescribed time.
The Konak Tram line, which will start next to the marketplace in Fahrettin Altay Square, is planned to operate at intervals of 3 minutes at peak times and 4-5 minutes within the other time frame. Following the Martyr Major Ali Official Tufan Street, where the Tax Office is located, the line that will go to the beach will proceed parallel to the road traffic, which is 3 departures and 3 arrivals, from the side where the houses of Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard are located and without any intervention to the road. In Konak, the tram line, which will pass under the pedestrian bridge in front of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Konak Pier, will go to Gazi Boulevard, and will enter Şehit Fethi Bey Avenue and will use the route jointly with road traffic. Following the Cumhuriyet Square, the line will proceed to Şehit Nevres Boulevard and from there to Şair Eşref Boulevard. The tram line will be divided into two here as departure and arrival. The line, which will continue in this way until Vahap Özaltay Square, will reunite near Alsancak Station. Following the train station, the tram line that goes to Şehitler Street will end at the Halkapınar Warehouse Area of ​​the Izmir Metro.
Alaybey-Karşıyaka- 9.7 kilometer route between Mavişehir and 15 stops and 17 tram lines with two vehicles will work as a two-way route. Karşıyaka The tram will start from Alaybey and arrive at Bostanlı Pier by the coast, then from İsmail Sivri Sokak, Şehit Cengiz Topel Caddesi, Selçuk Yaşar Sokak and Cahar Dudayev Boulevard and come to the Mavişehir Suburban Station next to İZBAN Çiğli Warehouse facilities. In project scope Karşıyaka an overpass or underpass is planned to connect the pier with the bazaar. The tram line will provide transfer to İZBAN, ferries and buses.



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