Tunc: Kurucaşile Road Tender To Be Done

Deputy Tunç: Kurucaşile Road Tender will be done. Ak Parti Bartın deputy Yilmaz Tunc Bartin-Cakraz-Kurucaşile road for the remaining part of the construction work will be carried out and road works will continue rapidly, he said.
Bartin deputy Yilmaz Tunc, 2010 in the program they took the project in the 2011 Çakraz-Kurucaşile completed the work of the project and the construction work was completed and then started the road construction work, and the work continues at the moment, he said. Deputy Tunç, 54 km. stating that they opened the 25 km section of the Bartın-Kurucaşile road to the Cakraz as a divided road; 5 pieces of tunnels, 2 pieces of viaducts and 10 pieces of bridges in the project, including the construction of the tunnel is the first of the 968 meters long Avara tunnel and opened to service, he said. Tunç said that the second tunnel was the Xayanx Cumayani tunnel, and that the tunnel was also completed and that the construction of the Kneesmezeci viaduct was about to be completed at the tunnel exit.
Tunç, in his statement, Bartin-Kurucaşile between 1 quadrillion pounds around the transportation are doing, to penetrate mountains, Kurucaşile'ye to reach here, this great investments in our country, Mr. Prime Minister and our Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister on behalf of all the Kurucaşileliler would like to thank, "he said.



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