Istanbul residents preferred the most metro

Istanbulites mostly preferred the metro: In 2015, rail systems such as metro, tramway and cable cars were used by more than half a billion people, which corresponds to approximately 38 times the population of Istanbul.
Half a billion passengers were transported by rail system in Istanbul
According to the information compiled from Istanbul Transportation Inc. passenger statistics, 2015 was the year that Istanbulites preferred the rail system in transportation. In Istanbul, whose population is close to 15 million, 559 million 642 thousand 79 people preferred public transportation vehicles with rail system. Last year, the number of passengers transported by rail increased by about 75 million compared to the previous year and broke an all-time record in passenger transport.
The metro, which is one of the public transportation vehicles that pull the transportation load of Istanbul, came to the fore as the choice of Istanbulites in rail systems in 2015. 5 million 384 thousand 871 people moved on the 420 main metro lines served in the city.
In this area, the M143 Yenikapı - Atatürk Airport / Kirazlı metro line, with 265 million 115 thousand 1 people, is in the first place, while on the M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro line, 136 million 433 thousand 243, M2013 Başakşehir-Kirazlı-Olimpiyatköy metro line, which started to serve in June 3, 18 million 874 thousand 269 and M4 Kadıköy82 million 678 thousand 963 people traveled on the Kartal metro line. On the M2015 ​​Levent-Hisarüstü / Boğaziçi University line, which opened in April 6, 3 million 619 people moved.
Nearly 10 floor of Istanbul population moved by trams
Last year, 3 million 162 thousand 892 people traveled on the trams serving 627 lines in Istanbul. T1 Bagcilar-Kabataş while 119 million 387 thousand 651 people are moving on the line, this number is 4 million 42 thousand 653 and T963 on the T3 Topkapı-Masjid Selam line. Kadıköy- There were 851 thousand 13 people in the fashion line.
F1 Taksim-Kabataş On the funicular line, the same year, 10 million 134 thousand 809 Istanbul people traveled. The number of people carried on the cable car lines of Eyüp-Piyerloti and Maçka-Taşkışla reached 1 million 740 thousand 463.
Number of trips by seasons
The number of passengers increased during the winter months and decreased during the summer months. Accordingly, most passengers ride 54 154 862 million people by December, with the least 41 million passengers were transported in January 7 878 thousand people. Million 145 411 353 thousand in the spring, summer 130 thousand million 665 34, 145 361 thousand million in the fall and winter 408 138 million in 201 524 thousand made the trip to Istanbul rail system.
"Studies continue uninterrupted"
Istanbul Transportation Inc. General Manager, Kasım Kutlu, Istanbul's rail system preference is increasing, he said. Transfer of the work on the railway systems Kutlu, said:
“In November 2014, while the Yenikapı-Aksaray extension was connected to the M1 and M2 lines, the physical integration between the urban rail system lines operated by Marmaray and Istanbul Ulasim AS was also completed. In line with the goal of 'Metro Everywhere Metro Everywhere' by our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Kadir Topbaş, the record of the number of people carried by rail system was broken last year. ”

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