Edirne High Speed ​​Train Project 2015-2017

Edirne High Speed ​​Train Project 2015-2017 will be realized: Edirne, which is trying to catch the level of Kırklareli and Tekirdağ in industrialization, has increased the target in tourism. In Edirne, the project was launched in order to increase the number of 2 million tourists to 2015 million in 5.
Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ETSO) Chairman of the Board Recep Zipkinkurt, industrial and industrial development in Edirne compared to Tekirdağ and Kırklareli'da slowed down the serious attacks in the tourism foot, stating that the 2015 year, the number of tourists 2 million to 5 million to remove, he said.
Zıpkınkurt, the 2017'ye until the city is expected to reach the fast train project will add momentum to tourism, he added. According to the location of Edirne, Zıpkınkurt stated that he has a wide range of domestic and international transportation facilities and is close to a major metropolitan area such as Istanbul. Iz The most important sector of our city, which has been an agricultural center for centuries, is the food industry that manufactures agricultural products. These are rice, flour, oil, milk and dairy products. Although industrialization in Edirne is slower than in Tekirdağ and Kırklareli provinces, there are serious attacks on tourism. The municipal foot was not very intertwined with institutions. We changed that. At this time, at least once a week, what can be done for Edirne 2 is being discussed, Şu he said.
Emphasizing that good developments await Edirne in terms of tourism, Zıpkınkurt said, “Edirne receives around 2 million domestic and foreign tourists annually. Our current goal is to increase this figure to 5 million next year. With the last decision we made, we started to draw up the tourism master plan of the city. This will be a large-scale program not only in Edirne but also in its districts. There is an airport project in Edirne that started before but remained unfinished. Our runway was built and there was no improvement after that. Recently, we brought this issue to the agenda again and conveyed our city's need for an airport to the necessary authorities. The closest airport to us is Çorlu Airport, 130 kilometers away. Corlu is not enough. When our airport is completed, passengers from Greece and Bulgaria will come to Edirne instead of going to Athens or Sofia, and will provide their transportation with Istanbul connection more easily. With the activation of our airport, we have given a great impetus to our tourism city project. kazanwe will have risen. The high-speed train project, which will take place between 2015-2017, will also contribute significantly to the development of tourism in Edirne.
Lalapaşa under the scope of incentives
Stating that the industry must also be present for the development of Edirne, a city of history, tourism and culture, Zıpkınkurt said, “Due to the urban transformation in Istanbul, significant investors come to Edirne. We hold frequent meetings with the municipality and the private administration to keep these investors. When necessary, we show the incoming investors to the idle factories in the OIZ. Some of the companies we interviewed took place in the OIZ. Some are at the decision stage. Infrastructure works continue for the OIZ to become more active. "The number of facilities that do not have the dirty waste we want and a troubled industry should increase in our region." Zıpkınkurt stated that Edirne, which cannot receive incentives because it is in the TR 21 region, should be included in the scope of incentives at least in the Lalapaşa region, “This would be an energy incentive, it would be an employment incentive. The main reason why Edirne's industry could not develop is the lack of incentives. We also have a free zone project, which is at the beginning, ”he said.
Groundwater is running out due to irregular industrialization
Zıpkınkurt stated that Edirne is an attractive region for investors because industrial and agricultural lands are very cheap and X Compared to the regions close to İstanbul, prices in Edirne are almost at 5 level in 1. Unfortunately, agricultural lands were used rough throughout Thrace. due to the depletion of groundwater. That's why Ergene's pollution. The biggest favor to be made to Thrace will be the efficient and wise use of Arda, Meriç and Tunca water. Periodic rice producers use the water of these rivers, but other than it, the water is wasted.


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