YHT tickets are sold out for the days of sacrifice

YHT tickets run out for days of sacrifice Feast: YHT voyages 2-3 October and 7-8 October due to the Feast of Sacrifice tickets were reported to run out.

Days before the Feast of Sacrifice citizens of the first choice of transportation High Speed ​​Train (YHT) 2-3 October and 7-8 October were reported to run out of tickets. According to information received from TCDD officials, YHT'ler Ankara, Istanbul, Eskişehir and Konya line because of the fast and comfortable transportation in the sense of the passenger became the first transport mediator. 20 feasts in the HRC days before the ticket and return passengers, such as a change in the free space is not available outside. Those who leave the holiday planning to the last day will evaluate alternative means of transportation. YHTs will carry about 12 passengers between 10 of Ankara-Istanbul, 14 between Eskişehir-Ankara, 4 between Ankara-Konya and 40 between Eskişehir-Konya and 17 at the same time. 4 is expected to be a passenger of approximately 70 per day during the 2009 period. Eskişehir Gar Manager Suleyman Hilmi Ozer, 78 in Ankara-Eskisehir YHT before the opening of the two cities between the two 72 access by road provided, he said. Ozer, who said that he saw an intense interest from the citizen due to the speed and comfort of YHT, said: “According to the data we have, YHT has become a passenger mediator in the passenger line of Ankara and Istanbul. The 20 of the passengers on the Eskişehir-Ankara line is on the high-speed train. In the past, the highway was in these numbers, now the pointer is reversed. If the citizen does not find us, he is looking at other means of transportation. Bayram tickets 60 day was sold. The chance of finding the place that made the planning early is still high. Holiday in the transportation bill that would have trouble leaving the last days. "The world's fastest train operated by explaining that the occupancy rate in the country remained at 90 percent Ozer," working with yht XNUMX percent occupancy rate in Turkey. TCDD is also planning due to the intense interest of citizens in YHT. We will try to respond to the demands with the new YHT sets to be taken next year. Gelecek

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