Logistics Sector Meets in Aliağa

The Logistics Sector Meets in Aliağa: Aliağa, the industry and maritime trade center of İzmir, will host the Port Management and Logistics Summit, which was organized for the first time last year. Aliaga Chamber of Commerce (ALTO), will bring together the industry dynamics of Turkey and the world's summit to be held in October 23 to 24, 2014. Shipping and port management are developing rapidly in the district, where over 40 million tons of handling (loading and unloading) is carried out annually from its ports. Aliağa, where 5 thousand ships enter and exit annually, exports 2013 billion dollars a year according to 10 figures. At the summit to be held in Aliağa, the situation of the sector will reveal new strategies and technologies on how to develop the port industry in the most appropriate way in the local and international market.

ALTO President Adnan Saka, Aliaga at the summit, the needs of the port and logistics in the development of the needs and solutions for the proposed solutions, port management combined transportation and customs and logistics, village, center, base and dangerous goods logistics issues will be discussed in detail, he said. Aliaga'nin country and world trade to get a larger share of the macro-level studies to achieve a broad vision of voicing Saka, port and logistics issues with a broad perspective they want to draw attention to the national and international dimension. Pointing out that there is a great potential in Aliağa ports, Saka said, dikkat The Aliağa ports region, which is the gateway of İzmir and Aegean industry to the world, is a natural logistics center. Aliağa ports are the entry and exit doors for the Turkish industry. 17 billion dollars of 12 billion dollars of Aegean Region exports are from Aliağa ports. Therefore, improvements in port management and maritime trade not only in Aliaga in Izmir, is also very important for Turkey. "He said.



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