Tcdd lays down on the statements of the United Transport Association

The TCDD reported the news on the YHT line transformer and the statements made by the Unions Transport Union did not reflect the truth.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways General Directorate by a written statement, the United Transport made by the union and reported did not reflect the reality of the news about the newspaper Located YHT line transformer and the union's statement today. The statement, is 2 2014 XNUMX date, due to the severe storm and lightning due to a failure due to the failure of the catenary cut the energy of the catenary cut off. This is a measure that is automatically implemented by the systems. After eliminating the defect in the catenary system, the energy from the transformer is given back to the system safely. The power of the transformer is insufficient, the acceptance of it as such and the lack of power due to lack of power is not the case. The transformer is the current active transformer of TCDD and it is a transformer that is currently serving. O

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