Kaya, President of the Association of Railway Engineers, Visited KBU Rector Uysal

President of Railway Engineers Association Kaya visited KBU Rector Uysal: President of Railway Engineers Association (DEMÜHDER) Şükrü Tayfun Kaya, Rector of Karabük University (KBU). Dr. Burhanettin visited Uysal.
Kaya, in his speech at the visit, came together with his engineer friends working on the railroads, followed the developments in the railway transportation sector and said that they set up an association to spread the railways across the country.
indicating that they were in contact with now with KBA as DEMÜHD Rock, "so far as relevant to Railways, which is a first in Turkey Rail We thank you for opening the Engineering Department. We think that this section you have opened will make a great contribution to both the development of our institution and the development of the railways. "We came to you today to make this benefit go further with us and to learn about our duties."
If they are docile in Turkey opened its first engineering department of the Railway Systems Engineering and rail producer Kardemir said that they contributed to the production.

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