Railway Question from CHP's Seçer

CHP's Seçerden Railway Question: CHP Mersin Deputy Vahap Seçer asked the reason for the indefinite postponement of the existing railway line construction tender between Adana-Mersin train stations.

CHP Mersin Deputy Vahap Seçer asked to explain the reason for the indefinite postponement of the construction work tender to add the 3rd and 4th line to the existing railway line between Adana-Mersin train stations. Seçer invited President Erdogan to Mersin, who said that he would follow the projects in Mersin.

CHP member Seçer brought the indefinite postponement of the tender for two lines to be added between Adana-Mersin TCDD stations on the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly with a parliamentary question. Seçer, in the motion requested by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, to be answered in writing, stated that the tender period of the TCDD General Directorate's "construction of the 3rd and 4th line next to the existing line between Adana-Mersin stations" was postponed indefinitely. reminded me. Stating that the officials announced that the postponement of the tender deadline, which was determined as 12 August 2014, the new tender date will be determined and notified to the companies "after the corrective actions to be carried out", Seçer said, “The aforementioned tender was postponed to 8 July 2014, which was previously determined as 23 July 2014. . The project amount of the mentioned project, which is also included in the 2014 investment program of the TCDD General Directorate and considered as the starting date of the project in 2012, is 510 million 821 thousand TL, 2013 million TL was spent on the project cumulatively in 200, and the investment in 2014 is 30 thousand TL. " said.

Seçer asked Minister Elvan the reason for the continual postponement of the tender bidding periods for the addition of the said line and wanted to learn whether there would be any extension on the end date of the additional line planned to be completed in 2016. "Has a study been done for the project?" Seçer asked the following questions to be answered:

“Where were the 200 thousand TL cumulative expenditure made for the project? Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that during his visit as 'Prime Minister' during the Presidential election process, the railway projects that were initiated and continued in Mersin reached 1 quadrillion 228 trillion liras in total. What are the projects to be shown one by one, the expenses incurred and the tender and completion costs, and the start and end dates? What are the unfinished projects and idle investments of institutions and organizations affiliated to your Ministry between 2002-2014? Are there any projects or investments that could not be started on the program? Which are these? How much damage is the state suffered because the projects were left unfinished? "


Seçer, in his statement regarding the motion, claimed that the projects in Mersin stopped and this situation caused unrest in the dynamics of the city. Stating that the foundations of the Çukurova Regional Airport have been laid, but the works have stopped, the Tarsus-Kazanlı Beach Band project, which is stated to catch up to the Mediterranean Games and provide job opportunities for thousands of people, Seçer said that the project that will make a significant contribution to all of these in the field of transportation. noted that the postponement of the tender was added. Emphasizing that Mersin does not deserve this situation at all, Seçer said that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who also came to Mersin during the Presidential Election process, said: “If I am elected as the president, I will be a follower of all ongoing investments and projects in Mersin. No investment, no project will be idle, ”he invited Erdogan to Mersin. Seçer said, "Now, I invite Erdogan, who claims that 76 million citizens will be the impartial President, to see the projects in our city on the spot and to fulfill his promise," he said.



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