Environmental Transportation from Izmir Municipality

Environmental Transportation from İzmir Municipality: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which gives priority to environmental factors in all projects from transportation to infrastructure, has invested 10 billion liras in the last 4,1 year.

Aliağa NMenderes Suburban Line was put into operation with the 80 kilometer to minimize exhaust gas emissions. This giant project was realized in cooperation with TCDD. The studies for the extension of the line to Torbali (665 kilometer) have reached the stage of completion.

1372 with green engine has dropped to 5. 520 million pounds were invested.

Mansion and Karşıyaka The construction tender was finalized by making application projects for the environmental transportation tram that will work on the lines. Work will begin in the coming days. The investment cost is 391 million 810 thousand TL.

2.25 kilometer Ege University-EVKA 3 metro line was put into service with an investment of 90 million pounds. Hatay, İzmirspor and Göztepe stations were opened and the service network was expanded. The metro line between Üçyol and Üçkuyular Fahrettin Altay is in the completion phase.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 79 million 220 thousand TL investment to be used in the metro system to be expanded 32 purchased new metro trains.

15 million euros (117 million TL) were spent on the purchase of a new passenger ship 351, which would have a minimum level of exhaust gas emissions. Two of the ferries came to Izmir.

64 vehicle, 450 passenger capacity, fast, environmentally friendly and disabled people, 3 signed a contract for the purchase of passenger cars. New car ferries will be invested in 82 million pounds.

Urban bikes (BISIM) were launched in order to encourage the use of bicycles. 29 stop at the 311 station between İnciraltı and Mavişehir attracted great interest by the residents of İzmir.

A brand new system is available to make traffic easy and secure. Applied in the world's major cities advanced smart, environmentally friendly and disabled-friendly traffic management system will be established for the first time in Izmir, Turkey.

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