Çorluya logistics investment demand

Çorluy logistics investment demand: Corlu Trade and Industry Chamber (TSO) Chairman Enis pheasant, "Turkey, in 2023, 500 billion dollars of exports and 1,1 trillion dollars needs a major logistics investments to achieve the trade target," he said.
At a press conference held in a hotel in the district, Pheasant said that they had prepared very important projects, especially the establishment of a university in the district. Sülün stated that everyone needs a good education in order to produce something and to reveal the values ​​of life, he said:
“We think that the biggest, most valuable work is the works made for education. I believe that the establishment of a technical university in our district will bring great benefits for the realization of university-city and university-industry interaction. For this reason, the establishment of a university in Çorlu is important. The university should enter the government program and be done with government resources. In November, we will go to Ankara with our board members on this issue and we will express our need by discussing with our regional deputies and relevant ministries. ”
Pheasant, Çorlu, Turkey was mentioned that one of the leading industrial city. Stating that a large logistics center should be established in the region, Sülün said:
”2013 target size of the logistics sector, with a total investment of 28 billion dollars in 2023, is 68 billion dollars. Accordingly, an annual investment of 4 billion dollars should be completed in the logistics field and an investment of 10 billion dollars in 40 years should be completed. We completed the feasibility study of Çorlu logistics village with the project we prepared. We will share this report with the public in the coming days. It is of great importance to us that our Çorlu logistics village project, which has been delayed to be established, is operational as soon as possible. Turkey's 2023 exports of $ 500 billion and 1,1 trillion dollars needs significant investment to achieve the trade target of logistics. "



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