Turkey's first domestic Trambus brings a modern dimension to transportation kazannagged

Turkey's first domestic Trambus brings a modern dimension to transportation kazandırdı: Serving with its solutions in the field of public transportation since 1989 Bozankaya Co., producing Turkey's first Trambus. Trambus, the public transportation vehicle of the modern age, meets the needs of municipalities for environmentally friendly, fast and reliable transportation systems.

Bozankayais one of the modern era systems developed by Trambus, electrically powered, high carrying capacity, economical in energy consumption, designed for the comfort of passengers, environmentally friendly, low-based 100 new generation vehicles as a combination of many advantages in the field of public transport offers. Trambus, which stands out with its low initial investment cost, provides comfortable and safe transportation for passengers.

Turkey's first Trambus of

Bozankaya AS, Turkey has developed the first Trambus. Rubber wheels are used in Trambus, which takes its traction energy from a double wire catenary. Thus, Trambus, which actually progresses in integration with the city traffic, also provides an advantage in investment costs since there is no need for a rail system. Bozankayawill first deliver to the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Bozankaya Rail Systems Coordinator and Trambus Project Manager Halil Söyler said; Amb Trambus will be a good alternative for cities that do not have rail systems, and will be able to work integrated with rail systems. Trambus systems are similar to tram and metrobus systems with some features. Trambuses, mixed traffic and dedicated roads can work primarily as signaling. It is possible to provide a passenger capacity close to tram systems depending on the vehicle characteristics to be preferred. ”

Low cost and equipped

Although the budgets may vary depending on the variables such as features, systems, number of vehicles, type and line length of the project, the investment cost per km in Trambus is between 1,2 and 1,5 million Euro, the cost of the tram is 5 and 7 million Euro, metro and light rail 30 million euros to 70-80 million euros, according to the construction of the viaduct-tunnel in the system. Therefore, the fact that vehicle prices and infrastructure (rail, scissors, signaling, etc.) requirements are less in Trambus systems provide a great advantage in initial installation investments. For this reason, the use of the trambus system as an electric vehicle in main and lateral arteries in other metropolitan cities is the right choice.

In addition, Trambus, as operating costs compared to conventional vehicles, because it has a longer maintenance period, low maintenance costs, if used long tools provide less personnel cost.

Trambus means; The steel, cataphoresis-coated high-resistant chassis feature is ranked as the vehicle's plus features. The double-drive drive system is integrated in the Trambus.


The electric drive system, which is the technology used by the Trambus vehicle, makes a difference with the energy and environmental solution plan. Approximately% 40 is advantageous for energy savings compared to conventional vehicles approaching the total weight of the 75 tone. The fuel consumption of the Trambus is one of the 4-5 (up to 20-25) according to the fuel cost of conventional diesel vehicles.

High passenger capacity with Trambus

They have a higher capacity than the conventional diesel-engined vehicles of the same length, since the motor and drivetrain vehicles in Trambus do not take up additional space and the vehicle lengths can reach up to 25 meters. If the 2 per passenger standing m8 is calculated, the 18,75-180 passenger (190-40 person sitting) in the 50 meter vehicle changes to 24,70-260 passenger (270-50 person sitting) in 60 meters.


Economic growth and increasing per capita income, together with the population growth in the cities, lead to an increase in automobile ownership and mobility. Increasing the number of vehicles and environmental pollution can be solved by increasing the number of public transportation options in the growing cities. Trambus systems, which are environmentally friendly, are sensitive to the environment by working with zero emission principle.

The choice of municipalities Trambus

Khalil said the first Malatya Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey releases 12 said they would deliver Trambus tool; “Trambus' high performance and efficiency combine ideal transport solutions for both operators, drivers and passengers. For this reason, local governments have a great interest in Trambus vehicles. In addition, Trambus is an ideal solution compared to light rail systems when new road construction is difficult and the infrastructure needs to be changed. ”

Trambus compared with other public transport vehicles currently used; passenger capacity, energy consumption, environmental awareness and modern face is a step forward.

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