The railway that divides Akhisar into two goes out of town

The railway, which divides Akhisarı into two, goes out of the city: It has been reported that the project prepared for the transport of the railway, which passes through the middle of Manisa's Akhisar District and divides it into two, will be implemented. It has been announced that the tender for the project will be made until the end of the year, while the expropriation works continue for the new 7 thousand 694 meter line.

Ak Party Manisa Deputy Uğur Aydemir gave information about the new developments regarding the "Akhisar Railway Crossing Construction Work" tender by the General Directorate of State Railways Enterprise. The deputy Uğur Aydemir, who renewed his commitment to take the railroad out of the city center and divides the city in two, said that they are full-time followers of the works. Deputy Aydemir said, “The decision of the EIA is not necessary in the past days regarding the EIA report prepared by DE Planning Construction Consultancy, Engineering, regarding the auction in question. The project was prepared as a variant project. The railroad crossing to be carried out for the purpose of carrying cargo and passengers will be 7 thousand 694 meters long, round trip. The tender for the construction will be held by the TCDD 3. Regional Directorate until the end of the year. ”

With the new project, the existing railway departing from Kayalıoğlu Quarter will pass through the new line outside the city to the north of the district and will be connected to the old line in the direction of Kırkağaç in the Medar Neighborhood after approximately 7 kilometers. In addition, the current station will be moved near Kayalıoğlu neighborhood.

Relocation of the railroad out of the city will provide relief in terms of traffic, some officials who do not want to be named, this investment will bring great burden to the state due to expropriations, station 5 kilometers will be out of town argued that interest in the railways. European cities also reminded that the stations in the centers of the city authorities, Akhisar, located in the very center of the state railways of the state of curiosity of how to evaluate the subject, he said.

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