Level Crossings Become History in Tavşanlı

Level Crossings Becoming History in Tavsanli: Tavsanli Mayor Mustafa Guler, Kurucay and Emet announced that a project was prepared for the elimination of level crossings at intersections and the meetings with relevant institutions are continuing.

Tavşanlı Mayor Mustafa Güler, Kuruçay and Emet announced that a project was prepared for the eradication of level crossings at the intersections and the meetings with related institutions continued.
The meetings held at the regional directorates on the issue raised in the Provincial Coordination Board Meeting held in Tavşanlı recently continue.

Mayor Mustafa Güler has taken the relevant unit superiors with him in Ankara and then Bursa Highways 14. In the Regional Directorate, he exchanged information with the Chief Engineer of the Survey Kemalettin Karadeniz.

The last meeting of the last meeting was on 11 December Friday in Afyonkarahisar, TCDD 7. Mayor Mustafa Güler stated that he would do it in the Regional Directorate and said: ım In the meeting of the Provincial Coordination Board held in Tavşanlı last month, we exchanged information about the intersections on the ring road. Last week we talked to the relevant units of the Highways and State Railways in Ankara and then with the officials of the Highways in Bursa. Finally, I went to Afyonkarahisar on Friday and visited TCDD 7. We will hold a meeting in the Regional Directorate. We will revise the level crossings by clarifying all the details. After completing our work here, at the junctions of Kuruçay and Emet, the highway will be taken over the railway. This work will also prepare for the high-speed train to Tavsanli.

In the meetings held at related institutions related to the subject, Tavşanlı Mayor Mustafa Güler was accompanied by Mehmet Ali Akar, Director of Construction and Urbanization, and Semih Çelikten, Director of Science Affairs.

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