We have a demand of TIN 3 thousand tons of asphalt from TPAO

We have a demand for one thousand tons of asphalt from TPAO: Co-Mayor Sabri Özdemir stated that they had requested 3 thousand tons of asphalt from TPAO Batman Regional Directorate and said: imiz We want this demand to be met. We didn't have a big request. Çok
Y We are waiting for a response from TPAO ”
. We want this reasonable request to be met, Müdür said co-chairperson Sabri Özdemir, who stated that they demanded the 6 bin from the TPAO Batman District Directorate for the yearly demand of 3 thousand tons of asphalt. TPAO General Manager Besim Sisman yesterday after the press conference, 'Grant asphalt governing the Governorate' evaluating the words of the co-chairman Özdemir, said: düzen We did not have a huge demand from TPAO. We expect a positive result to meet our demand for at least half of our annual needs. We did not receive a grant from Tüpraş. We have a budget problem. 140 30 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX. A department is going to employees. We serve with a limited budget. However, Antalya tourism, Kocaeli-Gaziantep industry, while Istanbul is a world brand, unfortunately, other provinces are struggling with limited opportunities. Batman is being seriously unfair. We are having a hard time paying even bonuses because our budget is limited. B

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