TCDD 2014 first JCC meeting was held

TCDD The first JCC meeting of the year 2014 was held: The first Board of Directors Meeting of the 2014 was held on 04 June 2014 Day between the General Directorate of TCDD and the Transport Employees Officer Union. TCDD Deputy General Manager Adem Kayış TCDD head of the meeting chaired by the Union, Transport Employees Officer Union President Can Cankesen, Vice President Ibrahim Uslu, Transport Officer-Sen Ankara 2 Deputy Chairman Kenan Çalışkan attended. The meeting was discussed with 63.


1-2014 - 2015 2 covering the years. Benefit of the staff from the period Collective Agreement gains,

2- free travel of the personnel and free travel as in previous periods,

3- Preventing security vulnerabilities in the workplace through the procurement of protection security personnel or the procurement of services to the work places under the norm staff,

4- Providing the right to service to the General Directorate and the Regions based on the collective agreement made this year,

5- General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate of Health and Psychotecnic Directives decreases the number of employees working on glasses due to health reasons.

6- For the reason that the personnel who are reduced to the title of liği Computational Engineer çalışma due to health conditions, to be assigned to the title of liği Deparment Chief liği, they should work to make them take the gr Elevation and Title Change Exam personel; In addition, all personnel whose group has been reduced due to health conditions should be relinquished the application of the title of box office officer,

7- Elimination of grievances by giving the title of ler Chief of Facilities iyet to the personnel in the title of Deputy Chief of Facilities,

Eliminating the grievances of employees working for two employees by combining the titles of 8- Repartitor and Head Reprinters,

In the additional protocol made between 9-TCDD and Rail-Work, it was accepted in the TCDD Board of Directors that the workers were to perform their duties as Train Conduct. To ensure that the said protocol is revoked, or that “only if there are workers in freight trains”;

10- Remuneration of the Traffic Controllers by removing the distinction between the wage differences of the controllers in our establishment,

11 - Preventing unrest and information limitation in workplaces by preventing the same people from going to social and professional activities such as seminars, commissions and conferences.

12- Eskişehir, Hasanbey, Marşandiz and Derince such as the establishment of the workplace with the staff and staff working inadequacy of the determination of workplaces in the shortest period of time, active staff to be made to work, overtime work in the workplace to prevent this situation, the execution of orders issued,

13- Personal e-mails given to the personnel are activated and the announcements made to the personnel are made electronically.

14- Increasing the radiation protection measures of the personnel due to the high level of radiation measurements taken in Marmaray,

Prevention of closure of the Malatya and Afyonkarahisar Cer Directorates, which are on the agenda as a result of 15-Restructuring Works,

16- Legislative amendments to be made by the Engineers working in the Revisions,

17 - Steel toe-cap is given every two years to road personnel and some personnel are given every year. Considering the necessity of working on the ballast, the minimum time required for this period is to be given to all personnel working in the field, and the right to make the necessary changes to the legislation and to provide rubber-based shoes to the trainers.

18- Permissions On the NKK, there is no code of YHT, so it cannot be written. Demonstration of COD to CRP in the PPE and the issuing of the Task Permits on PPE,

19- Providing compensation to the wagon technicians in the places where there is no wagon technician (within the provincial boundaries) except for the positions of duty technicians (control of cargoes in ports, sub-ports and logistics villages, etc.)

20 - Because of the optimization works, the positions of civil servants are canceled; Garage, Warehouse, Traffic Coaching. In the Directorate, Road Maintenance and Repair Directorates, the staff is not required to perform administrative work such as correspondence, accrual, payroll, supervision and coordination.

21- It is facilitated for the Delegate and Protection Security Officers (including the Primary and Secondary Education Graduate) to act as a Duty Officer, Logistics Officer, pumice, conductor or any other person who is in accordance with their own situations,

With the help of the participation of the graduates of the railroads department in the 22-Cer mid-level courses, opening the mid-term, survey, logistics and office staff courses urgently X

Certain requirements of the mid-term course and the review of the collection. Replacing the 10 year condition instead of the 5 year working condition under the condition of the reviser and mechanist.

23- Mandatory Overtime and dual duty system to be eliminated by the General Order, to determine the erroneous determination of the norms of the work to be carried out by making the personnel to work properly and to work in accordance with the human rights to make arrangements in a manner to make regular arrangements.

Completion of long-term power of attorney for the 24-Wagon Technician gap,

25 - more realistic determination of the staff of the workplaces in cooperation with the authorized union

26- Merchandising Chief and Warehouse Chief title as soon as possible,

28- Opening of the exam for the titles that have not been opened before the examination (Facilities Chief, Branch Manager Assistant, Branch Manager, Bureau Chief, Officer, Supervisor, Logistics Chief etc.)

29- Assignment of the personnel who will be employed in critical tasks such as Marmaray and IMS with high speed train units completed or under construction,

30- Clearance of the shortage of the personnel of the logistics officer is covered by the personnel holding the conditions within the Establishment,

31-TCDD is located in 3 region (Afyon, Ankara and Malatya) XMUM (Automatic Train Inspection Station) established in 2011 and the current static inspection section in the current 4-5 personnel are working. However, when the dynamic station section, which is still under construction, will be operational, the number of personnel will be around 8 and 10 for each station. This number will increase if the triple shift is started. However, the staff working here are still working in their former titles, although they have received a Non-Destructive Testing Training in a very comprehensive manner; This causes the personnel to become victims. As a result of the trainings, all non-destructive examiners are granted the title of sız Nondestructive Inspection Specialist Uzman.

32- Separating the titles of technicians and technicians working in workshops and offices, as well as engineers,

33-Malatya Loko Maintenance Workshop Directorate workers are dismissed from the service procurement, the machines can not be cleaned, the service to be done again in order to clean the machines,

34- Wagon Maintenance Repair General Directorate of 207 12. 4 of the clause of the article, "Wagon worn, broken, cracked or dislodged parts to check and do the necessary parts" to change the format of the 09.10.2013, the necessary to do / "to make the necessary" to change the form of "REALIZING"

35- The establishment of the work on the night work in the workplace and the work was completed on the date of the 28.12.2012 Commission, the organization announced that the night work with the order 89245 no matter the areas where the night work is required to be re-determined by specifying the report.

At the point we arrived at, we have to be assigned to civil servant personnel in the night work instead of the employee personnel, and therefore the duties of the employee personnel are performed by the civil servant personnel.

For example; Ülkü Garda workers shifts 2 has shifted and trainers have to be removed from train series as faults cannot be corrected in train trainings.

For this reason, as in the previous study, determining the workplaces where night work is needed,

36 - Within the scope of the works of the restructuring commission, the names of the Officers of the Transportation and Train Generators shall be canceled and the trainers shall be given the titles of Train Preparation Operator and Traffic Manager.

37- Although we have been demanding years to introduce a standard for disciplinary punishments, the staff is still given different punishments by the Regional Disciplinary Committees and the elimination of the differences in the Regions due to this situation.

38- The working hours of all faalpersons working in dual shifts are arranged in such a way that they work in triple shifts.

Combining the title of Protection and Safety Group Chief of 39-

40- Update of General Order 207 for re-determination of job descriptions of Electrical and Mechanical Revision titles,

41- Employee machinists together with the civilian mechanic, when working on the train according to what regulation and what form of duty to be clearly identified and announced to the staff,

42- Ensuring that the personnel of the Establishment shall use the annual leaves as much as they demand;

43- Sivas 4. The absence of personnel due to the fact that the ramp-top stations are closed in the area; it does not allow full braking experience. Resolution of the subject matter by changing the related articles of the regulation or opening of the stations to traffic,

44- In order to prevent accidents and incidents, the air taps in the ATS systems are opened in warehouses and delivered to the machine in a leaded manner (as in the totman system) to the mechanic.

45- In the application of block trains and normal freight trains, the establishment of a revision organization, mainly for train trains at the intermediate stations, since the trains go to Malatya from Sivas to Malatya, from Sivas to Divriği, due to the danger of the train traffic.

For 46-33000 and 22000 locomotives, extreme noise (approx. 110 db) is produced in the machinist faucet and moderabl processes, resulting in permanent damage to the ears. Therefore, most mechanic medical examinations are reduced. To work to eliminate these negativities,

47- It is still the title of Branch Manager and it is prevented from giving any duty to the personnel working in the Department of Road Maintenance and Repair,

48- Regarding the serious differences in the clothing given between the personnel, especially the officer, the train organizer and the trainer, by means of the Outfit Regulation which will be made jointly with the NGOs,

49- To ensure that the names of Road and Passage Control Officers, who are successful in the Road Sergeant preparation (Basic) course which is decided in the previous administrative board meeting, are changed to Line Maintenance Repair Officer.

50- Indicating the necessary points in the specifications for the remediation of the road personnel of the road personnel assigned in the Control / Accompanying services related to the works performed through the service procurement, put into the specifications that will be met.)

51- Carrying out necessary works in order not to give to the contracted road personnel working in Tractor Auto, Road Construction Machinery, although they are in compliance with the regulation of the contracted personnel in trains.

Eliminate this limitation in return for a tour of the 52-Road Maintenance and Repair Manager, as the tour allowance cannot be paid for more than% 30 of the salary, according to the Allowance Regulation.

In addition, the Road Surveyors, the Road Maintenance Repair Chiefs and the Road Maintenance Repair Managers who do the tour are not able to get the compensation after the 36 Km due to the phrase that they cannot exceed the minimum allowance stated in the By-Law. Since the TCDD Board of Directors is authorized to increase these indemnities, it is necessary to make the necessary decision to pay a higher than the minimum allowance, as is the case with the mechanic,

53 - The Regulation on the Preparation and Traffic of Trains also states that the cleaning of the shears on the closed stations and counters should be done by the Road Maintenance and Repair Chiefs. work to be done,

54- Camera for locomotives to illuminate accidents,

55- Revision of Gelemen Logistics Chief of Maintenance which is in the condition of maintenance and eliminating the deficiencies that may pose a danger to the personnel who are maneuvering to the field; also the rest and social areas of the staff in the facility to make the necessary maintenance,

56- The distribution of the clothes in Amasya Garage Directorate and the solution of the problems experienced in the quality of the dresses; also to eliminate the problems found in general in the distribution of clothes to the personnel in our organization,

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