YHT Sabotage arrested a suspect

A suspect was arrested in YHT Sabotage: One of those detained in connection with the theft of cable on the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line in Bilecik was arrested.

According to the information obtained, operations were carried out at 4 different addresses on 2014 June 10, in line with the instructions of the Bilecik Chief Public Prosecutor, against organized theft crimes on the YHT line by the Bilecik Provincial Gendarmerie Command and Bilecik Provincial Security Directorate. In line with the statements given by the suspects who were previously caught for the crime of "cable theft", the persons named EE, HP, İ.Ö., S.Ç., YN, EZ, UE, BD were detained as suspects as a result of the operations. The suspects, who were kept in custody for a day after their interrogation, were brought to Bilecik State Hospital for health checks in the morning. While 9 of the 8 suspects who were sent to the courthouse with their criminal files after the health checks were found not guilty, one person was sent to the court with a request for arrest.

The suspect named H.Ü, who appeared before the judge, was arrested and sent to Bilecik prison.




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