Mini Sound Wall Solution in Railway - edilon) (sedra

Mini Sound Wall Solution on the Railroad: The noise was spreading quite a lot in Mannheim-Neuostheim, where the East Ried line runs along the long dam towards the Neckar Bridge. Since autumn 2011 for Deutsche Bahn AG there was enough reason to test edilon (sedra elenis), a low noise protection wall.

The East Ried line surrounds Mannheim from north to east and south. Since 1985, when the Mannheim port area was completed, the west Ried line has been used mainly by freight trains. High axle loads, a long vehicle lifetime and technologically permanently used old braking systems cause freight trains to generate more noise than passenger trains. Meanwhile, the movement sounds of the wheels are an important source of noise.

It is located in the immediate vicinity of the low-height rails (sedra elenis noise protection wall reduces this noise.) (Sedra elenis is harmonious to the environment, providing clear vision to the travelers and the residents of the environment also provides protection against noise. As a result of the acoustical calculations and technical designs previously performed, the sound protection wall has a very special shape: the sound is reflected and absorbed by the parabolically curved wall in the direction of the rail.

edilon) (sedra elenis is designed so that the top edge of the rail is on the 53 centimeter of the upper edge of the rail and the leading edge is 1,78 meters away from the rail axis. The three-meter rail network is continuously monitored: The 2,50 meter from the rail axis is located at a distance of three meters away from the rail axis and does not require any dewatering of the rails.A second element is equipped with an emergency switch, so that the danger area can be safely left out. low noise protection wall (sedra elenis) suitable for use on gravel rails where the maximum speed is vmax = 160 km / h.

The building with a length of approximately 500 meters on the Mannheim-Neuostheim line was naturally carried out for four weeks in downtimes. The measure implemented within the framework of the Government's Economic Incentive Program II aimed to reduce the 3 dB at the sound level for the rails near the wall of the freight transport, which was carried out at the 25 meter away from the upper edge of the rail and at the measurement point at the height of the 3,5 meter.


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