Sentepe Yenimahalle Great Interest in Cable Car

Yenimahalle Sentepe Cable Car Line
Yenimahalle Şentepe Cable Car Line

10 thousand citizens benefited from Şentepe Yenimahalle cable car, the first public transportation cable car in Turkey, which was built by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in just 150 days.

After the test drives carried out for security reasons, the first stage of the Şentepe-Yenimahalle cable car, which was commissioned last week with the participation of the Mayor Melih Gökçek, was the first stage of the 3 station. With the great scenic views of Ankara, free and fast access to the Yenimahalle subway from Şentepe Antenna region, the capital city is getting more and more interested in the ropeway.

In the morning and evening hours due to the exit and return due to an intensive demand of the cable car, during the daytime is not empty and is used both for transportation purposes and tourist purposes.

Passengers who travel to Ankara in the 10 cabin, where all the possibilities of technology are used for a comfortable, safe and fast safe journey, travel to Ankara as a flight, the passengers also record these moments with their mobile phones from time to time.

In particular, the ropeway staff, who are faced with great interest of children, do not take the children under the age of 12 to the ropeway without their families.

10 thousand people boarded in 150 days

Metropolitan municipality officials stated that there are 52 cabins in motion in the Yenimahalle Şentepe cable car, which currently consists of three stations, and that they aim to increase this number to 108 after the completion of the second leg of the line.

Officials stated that if the ropeway was operating at full capacity, it would be able to serve a daily average of 80 a thousand people.

Officials at the ropeway said that the 200 team, which currently provides cleaning, security and self-control, is now serving:

“We have many citizens coming from other districts of Ankara and getting on the cable car. It is also popular because it is free. We even see that there are people coming from other provinces.

According to our findings, 10 thousand people benefited from the cable car in 150 days. At the weekend, we carried 20 thousand passengers on Saturday and 25 thousand passengers on Sunday by cable car. All of our passengers leave very satisfied from our cable car line, which provides a fast, free and magnificent view.”

The cable car operates in coordination with the metro between 06:00 in the morning and 23:15 in the evening.


The opinions of some passengers who use the Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car which was built by the Metropolitan Municipality are as follows:

Neriman Aydın: I've rode once more, I use it for transportation. I saw you do my job.

Mustafa Kütük: We ride for the first time, we live in Yenimahalle, we are now wondering what we got. We brought our relatives, and we've traveled with them. It was a very nice trip. We are taking our guests to Anıtkabir, we wanted to start our journey with cable car.

Tuba Kütük: We came for the first time because we wondered, very nice, exciting. Because Ankara does not have a lot of tourist attractions, the cable car is a nice option.

Havva Şen: As a guest of our relatives, we came to Ankara from Karabük, we got on the cable car for the first time, it was very nice. A great project, those who need to celebrate.

Yasin Cayna: We are currently riding for sightseeing, we cannot stop the babies, we will be keeping them entertained at home. It was also very good for transportation. Hopefully, the last stop will be completed and the cable car will be even more beautiful and serve a wider audience.

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