Full Moon Junction

Full Moon Crossroad, Known as Death Crossroads, Will Change: Fatsa District Governor Bekir Atmaca announced that they have started a work to change the location of the Dolunay Crossroad, known as the 'death crossroad'.
The last week after high school student Şeyma Beşik lost his life in a traffic accident, the residents took action at the Dolunay Junction and demanded an arrangement.
Highways 7. The senior officials of the Regional Directorate carried out a study with the participation of the District Governor Bekir Atmaca and Mayor Hüseyin Anlayan about the Dolunay Junction at the scene of the incident. After the examination Kaymak Bekir Atmaca gave information to the press about the work to be done.
The governor Bekir Atmaca, who stated that the Dolunay Junction was opened to the Black Sea Coast Road, said, tada From that day onwards, there have been financially damaged injuries and fatal traffic accidents and our citizens are experiencing serious difficulties. As for previous years, we made necessary correspondence for him to do the necessary work. Speed ​​reduction, radar system, although we still saw the occurrence of accidents. Instead, we saw our citizens as crossing the street especially in the summer months and after finding that there is a very serious traffic flow, we can find a solution about the location of the existing intersection and we have worked on it. The solution to this is the following: First, there must be a light here, but the current junction where both the cornering and the back of the sight distance is short because of the possibility of a light is not possible to be taken instead of a more appropriate place to take the intersection and turn into a lighted intersection therefore There has been a need to make a crossroad with the help of our citizens and the vehicles there to ensure a safer passage of the rotating vehicles and the final decision has been taken. vatandaş
Kaymakam Atmaca stated that the intersection site will be changed, mes The intersection will be a little more towards the city, and there will be a light intersection and there will be a light. There is also a road that passes through the middle of the highway. to avoid crossing the street and in this way our citizens will cross the pedestrian crossing where there is light and the existing overpass will be moved to a more suitable place after the intersection has been made, so a little more towards the Dolunay and our citizens who want to use the overpass will be able to use this overpass. These jobs are doing technical work and hence a plan of highways. Places where the road will be redrawn. The part of the architecture will be dealt with by the municipality immediately and the road is designed to make the necessary expansion, then the intersection will be made and then the light system will be introduced. Of course, this requires a tender process. Tomorrow is not something that will happen tomorrow, but we hope to use it as soon as possible, and we will start to work on it as soon as possible değil.

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