The Minister of the Minister Elvan 36. Participated in Provincial Advisory Council

The Minister of the Minister Elvan 36. Participated in the Provincial Advisory Council: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan, 10 August Presidential elections. 2015 has general elections in June. We will continue to pedal continuously to work.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan attended the AK Party 36th Provincial Advisory Council meeting and met with party members. Speaking about the projects planned to be made, Minister Elvan stated that the High Speed ​​Train has been implemented and said, “We do not have any problems on the Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Eskişehir lines at the moment. Our passengers use it tirelessly. I hope we will bring you together with Istanbul. We have had some problems recently. Theft and sabotage attempts were made, but we are completing it quickly. Hopefully, we will meet you with Istanbul as soon as possible in 3,5 hours. A brother leaving Konya will be in Istanbul in 3,5 hours. Yet another important project for us is a project that will bring our brothers in Ankara to our brothers in the east, further north, to the Mediterranean. Our high-speed train project from Konya to Karaman, from Karaman to Mersin and Adana. You know, we started the high-speed train construction between Konya and Karaman in February. Studies continue rapidly. We will return between Karaman and Ulukış in June. All preparations are complete. Our project work is over. We will make the tender between Karaman and Ulukış and we will start working there as well, and a brother who left Ankara will now have the opportunity to reach Konya and Mersin from Konya. We are making the tender for the logistics center on June 26. We do not have any problems with the logistics center. Expropriation data have been deposited. Land is currently available. Deed acquisition work continues. Reconstruction building plans were approved. Base building projects have been prepared and we are starting our investment on June 26th. Good luck already. High Speed ​​Train Station is again the project that is very talked about in Konya and when it will be finished. Application projects were prepared to be integrated with the light rail system project of Konya Metropolitan Municipality. "We are going out to tender for this on June 24," he said.

Emphasizing that they will continue to work, Minister Elvan said, “We are talking day and night for this case day and night, and we will continue to talk. Just as a person rides a bicycle and constantly pedals, we will constantly pedal. Presidential election is held on 10 August. There are general elections in June 2015. We will continue to work continuously and pedal together. "We will continue to work together for this country, for the growth and development of this country, for the next generations, for our children and for our grandchildren."


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