The commando period in the YHT line

Commando period in the YHT line: High Speed ​​Train (YHT) between Ankara and Istanbul delayed the flight to prevent cable theft events, in order to prevent the Halkalı Commando Battalion sent to Sakarya from the Gendarmerie Commando Battalion, YHT'nin 45 kilometer line of 24 hours patrolling theft by making theft of theft of knives were cut like a knife.

DHA team, Istanbul-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Line Sapanca, Arifiye, Geyve, Pamukova, Mekece regions recently increased theft of cable theft and to prevent damage to the signaling line a month ago Halkalı The Gendarmerie watched the work of the gendarmerie commandos sent from the Komanda Battalion to Sakarya.


The commandos of the Sakarya Provincial Gendarmerie Command, 4 team commanders of the High Speed ​​Train Line in the province of Sakarya Province of Pamukova and Sapanca between the 45 kilometers and even 24 hours are working. The gendarmerie commandos, who had previously served in the eastern and southeastern regions, headed to Sakarya Province Gendarmerie Regiment Command, where they were stationed in the evening with a blackout.

A team of commandos followed DHA's work, Sapanca, a team called Arfiye, a team called Geyve, and a team working on the Pamukova line. Gandarma commando scans the line with night vision binoculars along with the evening snooze and question the identity of suspicious persons.

As the commandos started to protect the YHT line, theft was cut as a knife in the Sakarya region, where there were the most frequent thefts. Previously den of thieves where 35 51 3 theft suspects arrested in Sakarya suspects lost their lives-stricken, high voltage, such as not experienced a single act of theft with burglary attempt gendarmerie commandos also provided there. Gendarmerie commandos will serve until the start of High Speed ​​Train service.

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