Infrastructure Work on Pazaryeri-Bursa Highway

Work on the Pazaryeri-Bursa Highway: The Karaelmalar Creek bridge on the Pazaryeri-Bursa highway has been renewed.
Market Mayor Muzaffer Yalçın, Highways 14. Stating that the bridge was destroyed and rebuilt due to the inadequacy of the Karaelmalar Deresi Bridge, the Regional Directorate continued to thank the AK Party Bilecik MP Fahrettin Poyraz and the officials who had contributed to the construction of the bridge and the road.
Stating that the bridge is of great importance for the city, Yalçın said, ın There was a flood in the houses and fields of the citizens when the oil business was very high. Pazaryeri-Bursa highway bridge was left in the pit was causing accidents. The road approach was increased to 60 centimeter. Opinion?? distance corrected ?? It was. Together we will start to work with each service.

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