Where is TCDD Going

Where is TCDD Goes: 26 On April 2014, the TVS pulman passenger wagon behind the generator wagon was divided into two as a result of the two-minute stance at the Izmir Blue Train Cigli Station, which made the Izmir-Ankara route.

The accident, the absence of anyone in the landing, at the exit of the station and the speed of the train is very low because of the loss of lives or injured without a great chance is a work of chance.

This accident is the result of the TCDD management's recent rail policies.

As a result of the bu restructuring bir works carried out for many years, 10 has established the infrastructure of opening the railway operation and the legal basis of this process has been prepared by a law issued last year.

As a result of this process, TCDD management, where the railway infrastructure has been renewed and the towed vehicles are modernized, are frequently explained by the media through the media.

But this is not the case. On the one hand, the 250 km is talking about speed, while on the other hand, the average speed of express passenger trains is around 50 km.

While new roads are said to be made on the one hand, conventional lines are not repaired. On the one hand, high-speed train sets are taken, while on the other hand, 15-year 20 yearly metal tired passenger wagons are used in conventional trains.

Railway management is not only the construction of the YHT line between Ankara and Istanbul, but also the YHT operation. These are the real reasons for the accident in Izmir Çiğli.

The service date of the torn wagon is 21.05.1996. In other words, our trains carry 18 aged metal tired wagons. This is a big risk in terms of railway management.

All of the lines that need to be taken care of without delay, renewal and rejuvenation of the towed and towed vehicle park, immediate elimination of the shortage of personnel and the restructuring of lar restructuring m should be abandoned as soon as possible.

Here we speak to TCDD management:

Where the damage is returned, It is not possible to make railway operations with perseverance and concern about political ambitions. If it is done, accidents are not unexpected.

While Pamukova accident is still alive in social memory, give up the applications that will invite new accidents. Or tomorrow may be too late.


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