YHT tickets for the first and last day of the festival

On the first and last day of the holiday, the YHT tickets were exhausted: Elvan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that additional wagons would be added to the trains for the citizens to experience grievances during the feast and that 296 additional flights were planned in the airlines.

Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, answered the questions of journalists after his ASELSAN visit. On the question of the measures taken for the Eid al-Adha, Minister Elvan stated that all citizens first celebrate the Eid al-Adha.

Minister Elvan said that the holiday tickets on the railways were sold 15 days in advance and that the tickets for the first and last days of the holiday were sold on high-speed train lines. Explaining that during the holiday, additional wagons will be added to İzmir Blue Train, Eastern Express, 4 September Blue Train, South Express, Çukurova Express and Konya Blue Trains, Elvan said, “The problems of our citizens in finding a place will be eliminated to some extent. In this regard, TCDD will show the necessary sensitivity during the holiday. ”

Expressing that there is a great interest in YHT lines, Elvan said, “We see that Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Istanbul lines are very busy. Since 2009, approximately 16,5 million of our citizens have used YHT. 10 million 820 thousand of these traveled on the Ankara-Eskisehir line, 4 million 927 thousand on the Ankara-Konya line, 400 thousand on the Ankara-Istanbul line, and about 400 thousand on the Konya-Eskisehir line. Although it was opened recently, a total of 38 million 531 thousand passengers have been moved in Marmaray. ”


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