Special Storage Service for Your Tires from Continental

📩 24/11/2018 12:33

Special Storage Service for Your Tires from Continental: Remember that your vehicle and your tires will also be affected by changing weather conditions when the summer starts to show itself.
Turkey Passenger Continental Tires Sales Manager Mehmet Akay, "to remind you of the need to use appropriate tires to drive in the transition seasons every season, our first duty. We will continue to remind and express the benefits of winter tires in winter conditions and in summer, until we observe that it is no longer a luxury but a habit kullan…
Nowadays, as the summer slowly shows its face, drivers who prepare their vehicles for the summer period need to be very careful about their choice of tires for a safe and comfortable driving experience. The high-level performance taken from winter tires used in wet and snowy ground, the statement will not create the same effect on dry ground that Continental Turkey Passenger Car Tires Sales Manager Mehmet Akay, shorter braking distances, which drives the first criterion of safety in tire choice, which paves the way for cost savings correspond to the low rolling resistance and road conditions driving performance criteria.
“Do you wear sandals in winter and boots in summer?”
He reminded that drivers should remember that tires will wear out quickly due to excessive wear and increase in power and fuel consumption when continued with winter tires in summer season. In addition, the vehicle's own equipment will reveal the performance of the braking distance to prevent the elongation and increase in noise level will cause Mehmet Akay, the importance of this issue in life with examples of boats and sandals told.
Mehmet Akay, who wants to take advantage of the tire storage service, says: randevu An appointment is made from our authorized service via internet or telephone. The tires are dismantled with the latest system machines and examined in detail. The results are reported and shared with the vehicle owner. These reports are archived on a web-based private portal. Tires labeled with a special printer system are stored in a safe environment under special conditions with their special packages ”.
During summer, drivers should not forget:
· Winter tires used in summer conditions; It causes you to stop with a longer braking distance than summer tires and wear quickly, increasing fuel consumption. The risk of skidding, especially in fast corners, should not be ignored.
· During the summer season, all four tires should always be summer tires. It is recommended to use summer tires from April to October, when air temperatures are not expected to fall to + 7 degrees Celsius. The ground contact surface of summer tires hardens at + 7 degrees Celsius.
· In the summer season, the first thing drivers need to do is check the tire pressure and tread depth regardless of the road and weather conditions.
· The right air tire is safer because it comes into contact with a wider surface. At the same time tires wear less and regularly so that; less heat and wear. It also saves fuel.
· Always check the tire pressure before setting off or within the first 15 - 20 km of the journey. Otherwise, if you travel for a long time, the air pressure in the heated tire will rise and may lead you wrong. This can mislead drivers about pressure. The same applies to the tires of vehicles that have been exposed to sunlight for a long time.
· When the winter tread depth safety limit is 4 mm, it should be ensured that in summer conditions 3 mm does not fall below this limit. The low tread depth increases the braking distance by up to twice.
· Although it may appear as a minor detail, the spare wheel must also be checked. If this detail is omitted, incidents that can be circumvented with minor distress can become serious problems

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