Turkey's Land Trains

karakurt the first turkish locomotive
karakurt the first turkish locomotive

The historical land trains, which have an important past in Turkey and have been used for transportation and transportation for years after 1866, have almost destroyed not the burden of years, but abandonment. Many steam trains, which were put on hold at the Uşak train station, were left to rot. While the black trains used in various activities such as movie scenes and reenacting the past were exhibited in many cities, the historical black trains in Uşak were left to rot.

The Black Trains, in which the logistics of the war were provided in the War of Independence, in the transport of soldiers, weapons and supplies to the front, and the transportation of veterans from the fronts to the back, were actually a part of the War of Independence. kazanalso plays an important role in the During this period, Behiç Erkin, General Director of the Anatolian - Baghdad Railways Directorate, was honored with both the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Commendation and the Medal of Independence for his success in the flawless functioning of the railways.

Uşak Train Station, where many films have been shot and revived in recent years due to the density of black trains in recent years, has now turned into the appearance of a train cemetery. The steam train and Uşak Train Station, dazzling with the clip that Özhan Eren brought to a song; Steam trains in Uşak Train Station, which is also known as the center where many works such as Put yourself, Love Prisoner, Bullet Wound, Maid Bride are shot, have contributed to the cultural promotion of the city until recently, while the abandoned trains started to create a bad image this time. .


The railways, which were mostly operated by the capital owners with the build-operate model during the Ottoman Empire, started to be nationalized with the Law No. 24 enacted on May 1924, 506 and were structured under the name of Anatolian - Baghdad Railways Directorate General. Later, with the Law No. 31 dated May 1927, 1042, which was enacted in order to carry out the construction and operation of the railways together and to provide wider working opportunities, it was named as State Railways and Ports Administration-i Umumiyesi. The organization, which was managed as a state administration with an annexed budget until 1953, was transformed into a State Economic Enterprise under the name of "Turkish Republic State Railways Enterprise (TCDD)" with the Law No. 29 dated 1953 July 6186.


Railway transportation, which started in England in 1825 for the first time in the world, will enter the Ottoman Empire, whose territory is spread over 3 continents, compared to many other big countries. The length of the railway line on the Ottoman lands in 1866 is 519 km. 130 km of this line is on Anatolian soil, and the remaining 389 km is between Constanta-Danube and Varna-Ruse. The railway history in Anatolia begins on September 23, 1856, when the first railway line, the 130 km Izmir-Aydın line, hit by the first company of a British company. Concession was handed over to the “Ottoman Railway from Izmir to Aydın” in the time of Mustafa Pasha, the Governor of Izmir. Thus, this 1857 km line, which is the first railway line in Anatolian territory, was completed in 130 during a period of 10 years in Sultan Abdülaziz. Another British company, which was later granted concessions, completed the 1866-km section of the İzmir-Turgutlu-Afyon line and the Manisa-Bandırma line in 98.


Uşak's train station, which is among the first provinces to benefit from railways and steam trains in Turkey, is one of the important stations built by the French in the 1890s and still preserves its historical texture. For this reason, Uşak Train Station, which has historical and cultural importance, is even more important in recent years as it has dozens of steam trains. kazanis gone. Another feature that makes Uşak Train Station so important is that three of the few steam trains operating in Turkey are here and it has the largest steam train maintenance workshop in Turkey. While this situation of the train station is pleasing, the latest situation of the train station, which is left to rot and looks like a train cemetery, upsets many people.

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