What happened to the cable car in Uzungol

What happened to the cable car in Uzungöl: The 21 million Euro cable car project planned to be built between Trabzon-Çaykara District Uzungöl and Graster Plateau, the authorized company could not start a tulle. The ropeway project was interrupted because it was Uzungöl, one of the towns closed with Trabzon being a Metropolitan municipality. The fact that the contractor firm did not hit a single pickaxe with long project works brought the question of the construction of the project stopped.


The project is based in France and the project is carried out by Beyaz Beyazit, a white-haired businessman. The company in charge of Turkey Omer Bayraktaroğlu, "which each have a financial hardship. First, we will install the mechanical part of its construction. We've been dealing since 2009. If bureaucracy was earlier, we would have started earlier. Cadastral problems, we have to deal with them. We were discussing these works with Uzungol Municipality before. But he's closed. Now we have started the negotiations again with the municipality of Çaykara. Şimdi


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