Usak doing his own train (Photo Gallery)

Butler is doing its own train: To celebrate the new life that only working steam locomotive to the railway workers Usak Turkey FDI 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbay came to Uşak.

Turkey's only working steam locomotive to giving life again to celebrate the Usak railway workers FDI 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbay came to Uşak. Uçbay gave a thank-you letter to the team and a shackle watch. Koçbay stated that ”The same team has started the works to manufacture the second locomotive in Uşak and will make the Uşak Railway Station nostalgic Koç.

Turkey's only working steam locomotive works by a month, which makes the railway technicians and workers labor Usak, including Usak State Railways 3. Regional Manager Selim Kocbay, awarded by. Regional Director Selim Koçbay gave a thank-you certificate to the team and a pocket pocket watch and ate with them.

Koçbay thanked the team that renovated the German-made locomotive in a year-long effort in 1942 and said sonunda This team has achieved a very successful work. The only working steam locomotive in Turkey have renewed from head to toe. This long and troublesome work was known for the devotion of self-sacrificing faces. Ahmet


TCDD 3. Selim Koçbay, Regional Director, said: etmek The same team started to work on the second steam train in the UCY Uşak workshops. This is a very pleasing event. The first locomotive was German manufacturing. This will be a locomotive that will be made entirely by the work of Turkish technicians and workers. Moreover, DDY will be labor and eye to the employees of Uşak. In this respect, I think it will be a very meaningful study. Bu

Usak's DDY. 3. Stating that they have a special place within the Regional Directorate, Koçbay said, u We will renew the Uşak Station, warehouses and workshops from the beginning. We're gonna make this place nostalgic. As is known, Uşak Garı is a place where filmmakers come from all over the world and prefer steam train enthusiasts with its historical texture. Considering this, we thought of a brand new concept for the historic Uşak station. For this purpose, we will start renovations in the coming days. Bu


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