Famous: Tram right, but the route is wrong

📩 30/11/2018 12:38

Famous: The tram is right, but the itinerary is wrong. MHP Provincial Chairman Aydın Ünlü gave a statement about various issues at the weekly evaluation meeting. The famous, the presidential elections for the MHP name nobody wanted to produce. MHP Provincial Chairman, said they supported the tram project, but they did not find the right to walk the Walkway, he said.

Aydın Ünlü said that they are going on their consultation programs and that these meetings will continue in May. MHP Provincial Chairman Celebrity, said they will evaluate the information to be compiled at the headquarters, de We are working on the presidential and general elections. Our infrastructure work continues with our selection coordination centers.

7 In June, we will determine our presidential candidate. Nobody should produce a candidate from the MHP front.

Speaking about local issues, MHP provincial chairman Aydin Ünlü, said: şt We support the tram project in Kocaeli's agenda. But we believe that the Walkway for the tram route will be usurped. 57. In the time of the government, this is a region given to citizens. We expect something for transportation to Umuttepe. We request the addition of Umuttepe to the tram route.

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