Here is the tramway of Izmit

Here is the tram of Izmit: Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Dogan, Sekapark and the bus station is expected to serve between the bus station is planned, the tram is not in question because of the disappearance of the Walk Way, on the contrary, this route will be further expanded by the pedestrian, he said.

Stating that the walkway will be completely pedestrianized with the start of the tram, Mayor Dogan said, tır The tram will pass through the middle of the Walkway. Before the start of the tram, the area between the Central Bank and Leyla Atakan Street will be pedestrianized, so the Walkway will grow in a two-way direction. Tram Reminding that the tender of the project is about to end, President Dogan said, ih In the month of July, the tram tender is made, and in the autumn, the first digging is started on the tramway. The tram starts in 2015 next time, Tram he said.

The Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Dogan, who explained the results of the survey for the tram, stated that the 11 bin 191 as the tram name is Akçaray, 9 bin 640 person is in İzmit, 3 bin 791 is in the Gulf, 211 person in the name of Akray and 175 want the name Akçaray. One thousand 19 people announced the use of the 604 bin 9's curved nose. 177 10 208 person 8 person green, 469 bin 6 person red, 197 bin 2 person gray, one thousand 190 person yellow and 593 person preferred the other colors were announced. Thanking the participants of the survey, Dogan said that he preferred the name Akray in terms of ease of being told.

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