Application of firefly in transportation

Fire beetle application in transportation: SAMULAŞ A.Ş. General Manager Akın Üner, 5 May 2014 On Monday, buses and trams, 'Fire Bug' under the name of the night services will start.


Making a statement on the subject, SAMULAŞ A.Ş. General Manager Akın Üner said, “Samsun is a rapidly growing city. We started to become a city with metropolitan status, but gradually moving from metropolitan status to rapidly becoming a metropolis. As a result, we see that the demand for transportation starts to increase gradually after a certain hour. Public transportation in Samsun usually stops after 23.00:23.45. Our last services are made on the tram at 23.30. However, with a new decision taken in UKOME, we will start an application that will meet the increasing demands for night time public transportation. We named this application 'Firefly'. These are called 'Owl Service' in Izmir. In this regard, I also opened a personal campaign on social media. Our followers on social media also suggested the name Firefly. We liked it too. Firefly shuttles will be the name we will give to our buses and tram services every night after 23.30:50. Our Firefly vehicles after 23.00 will continue to serve at 23.15 percent more than the normal tariff. Currently, our last services on our bus lines are at 23.45 - 00.15 and on the tram at 01.00. With the new application, our last service on the tram will start at 23.45 and the tram will be running until 00.00 at night. On the other hand, we put Firefly services such as 00.15, 50 and XNUMX in our buses. In this way, we aim to make our city, which is becoming a metropolis, a more active and living city at night, to experience the tourism potential of the city a little more, and to pave the way for the city's craftsmen to work late. Transportation has some dimensions that directly affect city life. We also have to think about the transport economy. "We are thinking of resolving the balance between the two with firefly services with a XNUMX% increase at night, as in many metropolitan cities," he said.

E3 coded express bus with 100. Üner stated that they would go from Yıl Bulvarı to Ondokuz Mayıs University and On Some important decisions were made at the meeting held by our Transport Coordination Center (UKOME). One of them is the opening of the E3 coded express bus line, which is a decision that will affect the daily life in Samsun. E3 coded bus line is 100. It will connect to the city by using the year boulevard. The E1-coded express line, which was used extensively in the past and now, has been coming through the Atatürk Boulevard to the junction of the Belediyevleri and back from this direction. Our current E3 coded line will enter 100 Year Boulevard from the Port Junction and will reach the Soğuksu Neighborhood and Municipalities by using the junction stat. 100. It will take us to OMÜ as a direct service to our citizens living in and around Yıl Bulvarı. With the opening of this service, 17 bus lines 100. Those who pass through Yıl Bulvarı and North will be removed and will continue to serve in this way. Express line application was an application launched by SAMULAS 2 years ago. It was too common, but it was adopted in time. 'We also provide express lines from other parts of the city' he demands are coming. An important part of these demands is 100. It came from Year Boulevard. 100. The express line at Yıl Bulvarı will make our private public buses for now Yıl.

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