The tram route of Izmit is not clear yet

The tram route of Izmit is not clear yet: The most important problem of Izmit is the problem of urban transportation. Metropolitan Municipality, before the election of the 30 March, the "Tramway project" to solve this problem was put forward. Tramway work went way beyond a political promise. After the rails were laid, a sample of the tram cabin was carried in the city center of Izmit.

The Metropolitan will bring the tram to Izmit this time. Now discussed, where the tram will pass .. Some of the municipalities of AKP municipalities do not like anything, even the work of scribbling some of the work, the tram project is opposed to, even they find unnecessary.

However, the existing public transportation system in Izmit has gone bankrupt. People who have to go from one place to another in the city from this system are also complaining about the minibuses who are taking the load. The existing, alternative transportation system in the city has gone bankrupt.

The tram route from Sekapark to Otogar will be an important and contemporary alternative to the transportation problem in Izmit. Once the tram has been constructed, it will be easier to extend this network, discuss the light rail and subway, and discuss the cable car system.

Now discussed, where the tram passes in Izmit. The teams preparing the project, the old 1 nci crossing on the way to the walk to the location of the bench and make measurements, all of us, "Eyvah tram, from the old railroad route, walking path, will pass through the historic plane trees," we were worried.

Personally, I am one of those who bear this concern, insisting that the Walkway should remain in its current empty form. The 17 August catastrophe took place shortly before, on the shore, and the rails were dismantled from the city center. I have made a significant contribution to the fact that this route, which passes through the historic plane trees in the center of Izmit, is the Walking Path. The most beautiful place in Izmit, the most important feature of this city, is the Walking Path. It would be a great evil to go to Izmit.

Thanks to him, Mr. İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, once in a while asks. I also know the opportunity, I can find the opportunity to get up-to-date information about the city.

Mr. President called again the other day to ask for such remembrance. I immediately asked about the tram route,, Mayor, you are going to take this tram from the Walkway. It would be a shame if you do so,.

The president said the work on the tram route was still going on, and it was not a decision. Karaosmanoglu said:

Iyor -Well, we're taking X-rays. There are two alternatives. One is walking. If decided, Hürriyet Caddesi (street on the north side of the Walkway) will be fully pedestrianized. Only Republic Street (the south of the Walkway) will be allowed to drive. The second alternative is to pass the tram through Cumhuriyet or Hürriyet Street. Protecting the Walkway in its current form. Which is more convenient, whichever cost is lower, they are being examined. What's under the Hurriyet Street, what's under the Walkway. We're looking at these. Once these studies have reached a stage, we will put the painting in front of the people of the city. We will discuss. We're going to ask everyone who has an idea for this city. We will decide the right thing together. En

”President,” I said; . Do not pass the tram over the Walkway, although the cost may be slightly higher. If the tram passes from there, the Walk Way ends,.

Im Don't worry, de said Karaosmanoğlu. If there are no big obstacles on Hürriyet Caddesi, I would like to keep the Walkway in this state Cad

Mayor Karaosmanoğlu extended the term for the use of the tram in public transportation in İzmit at the end of 2015. He explained very closely how to text, yan We will not disturb people by digging all over the city. Once the route is confirmed, the rails will be laid. Tram, maybe in the first place to work between Seka Park-End.Meslek Lisesi. In the second stage, Yahya will arrive at the Captain and at the third stage will arrive at the Otogar. We're going to do everything very carefully, very affordable. Her

As President Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, walking among the trees is so curious that a man, the tramway from the middle of the road is not likely to spend. For now, there is a perceptive error in society about the route. As a result, I think that the tram rails will be installed on the current Hürriyet Street, only the tram will pass through this street, the Walkway will remain in its current state, and Cumhuriyet Street will be used in one-way-strictly parking ban.

While I was ready, I asked President Karaosmanoğlu about the pollution of the sea, which has been growing in the Gulf of Izmit in recent days, which has made a great deal of disturbance. Karaosmanoğlu said the following with his sincerity, which is unique to him and I trust a lot:

. - I am very meticulous about Izmit Bay. Water samples are taken every day. Analysis is done every day. The appearance of pollution in some parts of the Gulf makes me very uncomfortable. But be sure, a drop of domestic pollution, a drop of industrial pollution is out of the question. There is the same table all over the Marmara Sea. This is a natural phenomenon, totally dependent on the seasonal conditions. Nobody can leave a drop of poison to the Gulf of Izmit. No one should worry about it. Bu

That's the most authoritative name in the city. I trust the president. You can count on it.




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