Historic Broken Bridge in Sivas to be Closed to Traffic for Restore

Historical Cut Bridge in Sivas Will Be Closed to Traffic for Restoration: The historical Cut Bridge, which connects Sivas and Karşıkaya Neighborhood, will be closed to traffic due to restoration work.
In a written statement made by Sivas Municipality, it was stated that Sivas Governor Alim Barut, Mayor Sami Aydın, 16th Regional Director of Highways Aydın Doğan and Sivas Deputy Mayor Abdurrahim Ceyhan examined the historical bridge.
Highways 16. In the statement that the bridge to be restored by the Regional Directorate will be closed to transportation, during the restoration of the bridge Karşıyaka It was reported that the neighborhood will be connected to the city through the new bridge connected to Esenyurt, built in 2008.
The statement, after the completion of the restoration of the historic bridge will be opened again, but heavy tonnage vehicles will not be allowed to pass.
The statement given in the statement of the Mayor of Sivas Sami Aydin, during the restoration of the transportation is trying to take all kinds of measures said they tried to take.
On the other hand, Governor Barut and his entourage, said they had decided to work together for the construction of the second bridge next to the historical bridge.

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