Stray horses in Karsta are spreading danger

Stray horses in Karsta are throwing danger: The horses left unattended in Kars give the drivers a hard time and invite accidents.
Stray horses going on the Kars-Ardahan highway continue to be dangerous. Horses on the highway and empty areas of life on the side of the road from time to time in groups of sudden emergence of groups in the traffic while endangering the drivers, causing a difficult time.
The horses left on the road by the villagers unraveled cause traffic accidents, especially at night.
Expressing that they experienced the same difficulties at many points in Kars, the drivers asked the authorities to find a solution to this problem, in particular by contacting the village headmen.
Baş The authorities must somehow find a solution to stray horses, “said the drivers. In this way, we are entrusted to Allah. These animals, which are unclear where they come from, make people's lives look shredded. Nereden
Especially, Kars-Erzurum, Kars-Ardahan highway, the horses, more often cause traffic clocks for hours. The horses, which set out in droves, cause material damage and fatal traffic accidents.

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