In Indonesia the train derailed 3 dead, 7 injured

In Indonesia, the train derailed 3 dead, 7 injured: At least three people were killed and seven injured as a result of a passenger train derailing in the inner part of Indonesia.

Indonesian Railway Company sözcüSü Junerfin said two men and one female train attendant were killed in the accident that occurred in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia, on the island of Java. Stating that the injured were being treated at the hospital, Junerfin noted that the condition of the two injured was critical.

Severe precipitation of the train, passing through a dark train scissors, due to landslides due to the rails of the mud of the rails that derailed as a result of the track Junerfin, three of the train's train wagons in a ditch 10 meter depth, he said.

Stating that the mechanic pressed the brakes, but the brakes could not prevent the train from hitting the mud, Junerfin said, kazanHe noted that after the ceremony, hundreds of panicked passengers fled in fear.

Observers point out that frequent train accidents occur in Indonesia due to the outdated rail network and poor infrastructure.

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