Cebeci bridge over Avutmuş stream to be demolished

The Cebeci bridge over the Avutmuş stream is about to be demolished: Şebinkarahisar The historical Cebeci bridge over the Avutmuş stream is at risk of collapse at any moment, due to the stream improvement works and the work carried out within the scope of the HEPP project, the bridge is passing through the last days of the bridge with heavy tonnage trucks.
For a century in Biroğul District, as a branch of the Kelkit River, the CEBECİ BRIDGE, filled with pastures that pass through the waters as a branch of the Kelkit River and cross the neighborhood and the village, has been destroyed and left to its fate.
There are inclinations on the bridge, separations in the irons, openings near the 1 meters.
If the measures are not taken the Cebeci bridge, the two bridges on the bridge in the middle of the situation is not taken any measures can be a sad event.
It is brought to the attention of the authorities.

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:16

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