Leaked bridge 9 destroyed after months

The illegal bridge collapsed after 9 months: ARTVİN was taken for the illegal bridge built on the Kapisre Stream for the Kavak Hydroelectric Power Plant project, which was opened with the zoning change made by the municipality in Arhavi District, but the Rize Administrative Court canceled the 'EIA positive' report and stopped its construction. the demolition decision could be implemented after 9 months.
With the 14-megawatt Kavak Hydroelectric Power Plant project, which started last year in Kamilet Valley, it was planned to transport the waters of the Çifteköprü and Kapisre streams to the Kavak Hydroelectric Power Plant to be built in Cumhuriyet District, with tunnels and pipes for 5 kilometers, and distribute the electricity to be produced by the power plant to be established in the same region. Arhavi Electricity Generation Company, a subsidiary of MNG Holding, which received an "EIA positive" report for HEPP construction last year, applied to the municipality because the zoning legislation was not appropriate. Arhavi Municipality also decided to change the zoning on 4 September 2013. Despite the opposition of the CHP members of the Municipal Council, with the majority of the votes of the AK Party members, a part of the Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, which was previously an agricultural area, was declared as a "non-residential urban working area" and the HEPP project was approved.
Citizens who opposed the construction of the HEPP with protests and actions in the region applied to the Rize Administrative Court under the leadership of Arhavi Nature Protection Platform and filed a lawsuit for the suspension and cancellation of the 'EIA positive' report for the HEPP project. The court decided to cancel the 'EIA positive' report issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning on October 3, on the grounds that it was 'not prepared in accordance with the EIA regulations'.
In this process, the people of the region started a struggle for the demolition of the illegal bridge built by the company on the Kapisre Creek for the Kavak HEPP project; The State Hydraulic Works (DSI) applied to the Artvin Regional Directorate in March. DSI wrote a letter to the company for the demolition of the illegal bridge on the same date, but the bridge was not destroyed. Arhavi Nature Conservation Platform filed a criminal complaint against DSI Regional Manager who did not demolish the illegal bridge. DSI wrote to the Artvin Special Provincial Administration in July and requested that the illegal bridge be made in accordance with the zoning law. The Provincial Council, presented by the Artvin Special Provincial Administration of Reconstruction and Urban Improvement Directorate, decided to demolish the bridge with the decision number 21 on 164 October. The decision was implemented by the Arhavi District Governorship the previous day and the illegal bridge was destroyed 9 months later.
In the statement made on behalf of Arhavi Nature Conservation Platform, it was stated that the demolition of the construction site bridges built illegally after the cancellation of the 'EIA positive' decision about the Kavak HEPP project made them happy. The following comments were included in the statement of the platform:
“Upon the application made in March, DSI Regional Directorate resisted for the bridge that had to be demolished at that time. Following the filing of a criminal complaint against the DSI Regional Director, the proceedings started. The fact that the bridge was demolished a long time after the application is quite interesting in terms of showing the unwaveringness of the public administration. "
The people of the region, who had closed the bridge of Ilak HEPP in July, organized a protest demonstration.



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