Kapaklı Awaits Completion Of Saray Ring Road

📩 24/11/2018 12:31

Kapaklı Awaits the Completion of the Saray Ring Road: In Kapaklı, one of the largest districts of Tekirdağ, Pınar Boulevard, which acts as a bridge between Istanbul and Europe and passes through the district center, traffic is planned as an alternative to the Saray Ring Road. It haunts the citizens because it has not been completed for years.
Turkey's fastest growing and the number of vehicles in the county with a population of Kapakli which is one of the growing number of developing counties. While the traffic problem cannot be solved at the Pınar Boulevard, which is the main vein of the district, in Çalıklı, the strategic importance of the industry is increasing day by day due to the rapid development and growth of the industry; beautifully parked vehicles bring traffic to a halt. Some of the shopkeepers in front of their businesses by putting things like chairs and pontoons, trying to prevent the park of vehicles.
The location, which is located in a very important position in the Covered once the tender for the Green Road Project will be completed in the 2 craftsmen, stating that the traffic problem negatively affected the business. Exhaust fumes and heavy vehicles from the dust of the soil in the human health, indicating that the negative effects on citizens, children are even afraid to send their children to school, he said.

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