Koyunbaba Bridge Restoration is in Close Follow-up of Bağcı

Koyunbaba Bridge Restoration Following Upon Bağcı: Ak Party Deputy of Çorum and member of the TBMM budget plan commission dr. Cahit Bağcı made a series of examinations in Osmancık.
Ak Party Çorum Member of Parliament and TBMM budget plan commission member dr. Cahit Bağcı made a series of examinations in Osmancık. Within the framework of the Osmancık program, Bağcı first opened the Saray wedding hall in the Gemici neighborhood, and later joined the rain prayer in Yeni Danişment village. Resting in Kızılırmak beaches after the rain prayer, Bağcı examined the restoration works of the Koyunbaba bridge in 2010, where he brought the subject of restoration to the agenda for the first time. Mayor of Osmancık Hamza Karataş, Deputy mayors of Ak Party Çorum Av. Rumi Bekiroğlu, Mümtaz Yılmaz, provincial board member Memduh Akbaş, Ak pati Osmancık district president Av. Oğuzhan Kaya, together with the members of the provincial council Mehmet Yücel, Süleyman Şener and Osmancık Culture and Tourism Association President Sakin Karakaş, examined the restoration works on the Koyunbaba Bridge on site, and received information from the authorities who carried out the restoration on behalf of Arslan İnşaat.
Restoration and restoration work will be done at Koyunbaba Bridge.
For a while with the workers during the restoration work sohbet Mr. Bağcı added that the restoration process, which was tendered by the Directorate of Art Structures Department of the General Directorate of Highways, will continue for three years, the bridge will be strengthened and the bridge will be illuminated so that the bridge will be presented to future generations for another thousand years.
Koyunbaba Bridge should be closed to Vehicle Traffic.
During the investigation of the Koyunbaba bridge, Bağcı, who received technical information about the bridge and the historical water tunnels from Osmancık Culture and Tourism Association President Sakin Karakaş, stated that after the restoration, the bridge must be closed to vehicle traffic and declared as a pedestrian area and brought to tourism. With the bridge being closed to traffic, new bridges and access roads need to be developed for the maritime neighborhood, taking measures.
Historical Water Tunnels should be gained to tourism.
Stating that the bridge and the castle in Osmancık complement each other, especially the two water tunnels coming from Kızılırmak to the castle are not examples in the world, Bağcı stated that efforts should be made for the rehabilitation and tourism of these two tunnels; He added that he has been investigating his legal position, such as zoning and ownership regarding the historic police station building, which is currently abandoned, and whatever it takes to get this building to Osmancık.
Osmancık Tourism Will Be Ambitious.
Bağcı, who later visited the Osmancık municipality, opened in this opening. In this new period, in cooperation with our municipality and ministries, the “Street Health Project” will be implemented with the support of our municipality and the Ministry of Culture, and the district will be given a historical view. Mansions and Osmancık houses will be restored, works will be carried out to create a historical image in the surrounding buildings within the framework of the Kızılırmak city transition rehabilitation works, a city museum will be established, Osmancık Castle will be restored and opened for tourism. It has important values ​​in terms of tourism in Osmancık, an Ottoman city. In the past 10 years, Osmancık has made significant gains from state investments. The number of departments in our vocational high school has been increased to 7. The construction of our dormitory with a capacity of 300 students, which we will raise next year, is about to be completed. Osmancık, which provides about 2000 jobs in textile, is also the shining star of the region with its accommodation facilities on the D-100 highway. Osmancık deserves the title of the rice capital with its branded rice. We opened our public hospital. The construction of our wrestling training center is about to be completed, and it is possible to do sports in 8-9 branches in the sports facilities complex. The number of licensed athletes in Osmancık is increasing. Osmancık started to make a name for himself with national and international successes especially in badminton and volleyball. With the opening of our youth education center, the youth success graph in Osmancık will increase even more. Dormitory construction of Imam Hatip High School is about to be completed. The construction of the Imam Hatip High School will start in the coming days and the construction of the Imam Hatip Secondary School. We realized the Kırkdilim dream, which has been an affliction for 60 years, and reduced the transportation between Çorum Osmancık to forty-five minutes. After the Kırkdilim dream came true, we are continuing our efforts to tender Çorum Osmancık as a divided road in 2014. All our work is to make Osmancık a center of attraction in the region. Dodurga, Oğuzlar, other districts in the region, together with Laçin and Kargı, will do whatever it takes to make Osmancık an assertive position in tourism. ” Said.


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