40 km of Bolu Mudurnu Highway was tendered

📩 22/12/2018 17:14

Bolu Mudurnu Highway 40 km part was tendered: The non-tender 40 km part of Bolu Mudurnu Highway was put out to tender. While buying Kızılırmak Firm, the remaining part will be completed within the period specified in the specification.
Bolu Mudurnu Highway 's not tender 40 kilometers of the tender was held. Kızılırmak company won the tender made by the highways. The Tepe Karakolu Mevkii of the Mudurnu Bolu Highway was tendered last year and the contractor Yertek İnşaat took the tender.
The remaining 40 Km of Mudurnu Bolu Highway was awarded last week. This time, a road construction company called Kızılırmak won the tender.
After the completion of the necessary operations Mudurnu Bolu road work was reported to be done.

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