New Speed ​​Train Sets Coming

📩 30/11/2018 12:27

New High Speed ​​Train Sets Coming: TCDD, which plans to start high-speed trains from Istanbul in early summer, needs to strengthen its fleet rapidly in order to reach the target as often as possible.

TCDD still has the 12 pcs CAF train set and the next set of 1 Siemens Velaro sets. The agreement is expected to become part of the fleet in the coming years.

With this new tender, it is possible for different brands to join the fleet. Because, as per the procurement laws, TCDD cannot directly address certain brands.

The deadline for participation in the tender is 5 May. After the conclusion of the tender 9. At the end of the month, the delivery of the first train set is requested. The company that won the tender, 9. A minimum of one fast train delivery each month from the month and 15. At the end of the month, he must have delivered all of the train sets.

Taking into account the construction times of the high-speed train sets, it is difficult for the companies that have not completed the train sets to be completed.


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