Investment investment in railways

investment in rail express: It is the center of rail investment in Turkey. Limak, Kolin, Lightning, such as the company established a company. Foreign giants looking for partners.

Turkey is rapidly moving towards becoming a manufacturing base in the railway industry. Turkey's rail investment projects, the YHT project needs, 1 May xnumx't of railroad transportation logistics company to begin large number of cars ordered in conjunction with the opening of the sector to the private sector has paved the way. According to officials, 2013 bin wagons and 10 locomotives will be needed in the next 50 years. In order to meet all these needs, existing factories increase capacity and new production facilities are established.

Production spreads to Anatolia

In recent years, many new companies have been established in the railway industry for production purposes. Entering the sector fast, Kardemir has reached the technology to produce high speed train sets. In Sakarya, Ankara, Konya and Afyon, high speed train lines producing sleepers were established. The rail fasteners factory established in Erzincan exports most of the production. In order to produce wheel sets supplied from abroad, we cooperated with the Machinery Chemical Industry. Vedemsaş was established in cooperation with the private sector to produce high speed train shears in Çankırı. Sitaş was established in Sivas to produce traverses and other concrete products for high-speed trains, heavy rail and metro lines. Aktaş Holding, which produces air suspension bellows for heavy commercial vehicles, has also started to produce bellows for rail systems. producing Turkey's first indigenous tram Durmazlar The machine aims to start exporting 5 in the year. Gramer, who started to produce train seats, aims to increase the share of these products in total production to 20 percent. Wagon producer Savasaş is also producing new projects to participate in international tenders.

Rail freight transport in the private sector to provide Turkey with its own railway locomotive melt Ulaştırması the Serbestleştril be about Kanun'n came into force on 1 May 2013. The Railway Regulatory Authority continues its legislative work in cooperation with the private sector. With the completion of the legislation, private sector representatives will be able to carry the burden with their locomotives as railway operators in 2015. Many companies have already entered the railroad and started to order wagons. The increasing demand is also developing the wagon industry rapidly. Railway Transportation Association Board Member İbrahim Öz said that companies such as Vako, Rayvag, Esray, Askay, RC Mühendislik have started wagon production. Stating that 10 thousand wagons and a thousand locomotives are needed in the next 50 years, Öz said, “Now the public and private sectors are in competition. This reduced costs. Foreign companies came to the meeting to produce cars and locomotives in Turkey. There are companies that want to produce from the United States to come to Europe from countries such as Turkey and Iran. Alstom, Bombardier and global giants like Siemens also continues its search for partners in Turkey. The Greenbrier of the USA wants to establish a wagon factory. Turkey is rapidly moving towards becoming base in a short period of 3-4 years in rail technology, "he said.

Giant holdings have established a company and registered to the association

In Turkey, a large number of holdings to make rail transport and logistics company with its own locomotive queues sooner. Railway Transport Association Board Member İbrahim Özer, Turkey plans to invest in large holdings close to the railway 10, said that some members of the association by establishing a company. Öz explained the following: “Kolin, who plans wagon and locomotive investment, founded KLN Logistics company. Limak and Assan founded the company. Yıldırım Holding founded Eti Logistics and started to make big investments. MSC has established Medlog and is making significant investments. Ciner plans to invest a lot in the railway. to make railway transport in Turkey, Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, and there are companies from countries such as Russia. Our Association also visited these companies are seeking partners to invest in Turkey. many foreign companies starting this year plans to open an office in Turkey. "He Thomsen, Ekol Logistics domestic giants such as Reysaş also plans to move in with him sooner railway locomotive.

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