560 will be demolished for the annual Bedrettin Quarter Havaray and Tube Tunnel Construction

560 will be demolished for the construction of Havar and Tube Tunnel Construction in Bedrettin District:

While the future of the project in Haliç Shipyards remains unclear, the situation of neighborhoods dating back to the conquest of Istanbul is of concern in this region. Bedrettin Mahallesi is one of the u


According to the news in the Party; All the houses in the Bedrettin neighborhood in Beyoğlu have the title deed. 98% 2 of privately owned buildings is the foundation property. The neighborhood 20 was declared a historical site years ago. He couldn't make any repairs in his neighborhood houses along with posting a protected area. For this reason, the old houses, the 2009 and 2010 Beyoğlu'nun 1 / 1000 and 1 / 5000 plans were announced as tourism, privatization and renewal areas.


The plans were canceled as a result of the appeal filed by the Beyoglu Neighborhood Associations, including the Bedrettin Neighborhood Association, before the plan could be implemented. However, the cancellation of the plan could not overcome the concerns of the residents.

Before the local elections of 30 March, Mayor Kadir Topbaş's two elections promise to influence this historic neighborhood. The first station of Havaray, which is planned to be built between Şişhane-Mecidiyeköy, passes through a part of this neighborhood. In this small and cramped neighborhood, some of the historic buildings will have to be demolished to make the stop. This is not the only danger in the 560 annual neighborhood. Another project of Topbaş, Unkapanı Bridge will be demolished and the passage of the tube under the sea will affect the neighborhood. One of the ways of connecting this project will pass through the neighborhood.

Most rooted Roma live

Nearly all of the houses in this historical neighborhood of İhsan Oktay Anar have been standing for more than 500 years. Founded in 1453, Bedrettin Mahallesi is run in Haliç Shipyard; It was established for Libya, Egypt and Syrian workers. Bedrettin Neighborhood Association President Süleyman Songur said: zaman The workers at that time then went out of these houses and were replaced by Roma. The two descendants still live in the neighborhood. We don't want our neighborhood damaged. We would like to renew the neighborhood. But this renewal process needs to take place without leaving us. In addition, we want to have a say in the new zoning plans of Beyoğlu Municipality.

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