Straightforward motorway connection is OK

Highway connection without Düzce is complete: MÜSİAD Düzce Branch President İsmail Çakmak transferred the highway connection without Düzce to Minister Lütfi Elvan.
MÜSİAD Düzce Branch participated in the MÜSİAD 85th General Administrative Board Meeting hosted by MÜSİAD Elazığ Branch. During the meeting attended by Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Branch Presidents expressed their wishes about the issues within the authority of the ministry in their provinces.
İsmail Çakmak, MÜSİAD Düzce Branch President, said, “Transportation to our Düzce is provided only by land. Our Düzce is the only city without a highway connection to the center. With regard to the construction of the central - highway connection in Düzce, our municipality eliminated the obstacles in the opening of this road with 18 and all you have left your instructions. We, as Düzceli industrialists, businessmen and the people of Düzce, are demanding the connection of Düzce Center-Highway from you. ”
Çakmak said: “Our minister stated that our project will be completed and the tender will be done as soon as possible.
On the other day of the meeting, President Ismail Cakmak, Meeting of the Presidents Meeting Atilla Sahin, Meeting of the Board of Directors Tanju Acar, Mehmet Akif Ozturk, Saban Nair, Dursun Baykal, Davut Alemdar and Ahmet Duman Chairman of the Meeting of the Meeting of Mehmet Coskun and Youth Board Meeting Serkan Verep She attended.



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