Overpass Request for Students

Mushta Request for Passage for Students: Muş center Sungu Vakıfbank Girl Boarding Regional Secondary School (YBO) Director Ercan Demir, some students use the intercity route and it is dangerous for students, he said.
Sungu Vakıfbank Girls YBO students, using the Muş-Bitlis highway, have to go to school dangerously every day. For the safety of students who use the intercity road to come to the school, the school administration applied to the 113th Branch Chief of Highways. Technical teams of the Highways 113th Branch Chief, who went to the region upon the application of the school administration, made the necessary examination for the overpass. Informing the technical delegation, Sungu Vakıfbank Girls YBO Director Ercan Demir said that around 50 students use this road every day and it is dangerous. Stating that the students come face to face with death every day due to the lack of traffic lights or overpasses on the road, Ercan Demir; “Around 50 students come to school every day from the neighborhood located across the road. This is also dangerous. Traffic accidents happen here all the time. Our students come face to face with death. Therefore, it is essential to build an overpass here, ”he said.
Stating that some students had trouble persuading their parents, Demir said; “No parent would want to send their students to school in such a dangerous way. We also have trouble convincing our parents. Because there is always a traffic accident. "If there is no overpass, parents will not send their children to school."
Highways 113th Branch Chief Sulhattin Ömeroğlu, stating that his teams are conducting investigations in the region; “Our work on that region is still continuing. We conveyed the subject to our Highways Van Regional Directorate. "We will complete our investigations and present the issue in a report to our Regional Directorate and wait for the decision from there."

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