Derince Port Will Be Customized 250-300 Million Dollar Investment and 365 Thousand Square Meter Fill

📩 30/11/2018 12:36

If Derince Port is Privatized, $ 250-300 Million Investment and 365 Thousand Square Meters will be Filled: The tender decision for the privatization of Derince Port, which is located in Derince District of KOCAELİ and whose operation rights still belong, is taken. According to the study under the name of “Derince Port and Hinterland Project” before the tender, after the privatization, it is necessary to invest 250-300 million dollars, and to expand the port, an area of ​​360 thousand square meters should be filled.

After the cancellation of the previous tenders, a new tender for the right to operate for a new 39-year period is related to Derince Port, with the project executed by the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry within the scope of the "Direct Failing Grant Scheme", and the Marmara University's economic contribution to the highest level. 'Derince Port and Hinterland Project' was prepared in order to extract.

Ayhan Zeytinoğlu, the head of the chamber at the press conference held at the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, Fatih Akbulut, the Secretary General of the Eastern Marmara Development Agency (MARKA), and the Vice Rector of the University of Piri Reis, who conducted the research. Oral Erdoğan provided information about the project.

Kocaeli Chamber of Industry President Ayhan Zeytinoğlu said that they want to be a part of this business as the Chamber of Industry in Derince Port, which will be privatized first. Zeytinoğlu explains that the financing capacity of the room is certain and that they do not have the chance to get this port, “We can contribute to the companies that received the tender. We want to have a say in the form of symbolic partnerships by making symbolic payments, if necessary. ” Zeytinoğlu, by specifying the deep harbor that is very important for Turkey, he continued:

“It is thought that there is a need for a port model in Derince Port, which must be managed by private entrepreneurs but control and supervision is maintained by the public. Perhaps the most important aspect of Derince Port in the privatization process is the estimation of the port value. With a projection of approximately 250-300 million dollars of investment in a 4-year period, there is a minimum value of 515 million dollars and a maximum of 786 million dollars based on current market borrowing costs. But it can also reach 950 million dollars according to the economic conditions of the day. ”


Ayhan Zeytinoğlu stated that there are currently 34 ports and piers in Kocaeli and 2013 million tons of cargo was handled in 61.1 in the ports in the Gulf:

“We want Derince Port to be privatized and brought into the economy in the most valuable way. After privatization, an area of ​​360 thousand square meters will be filled in front of the port. An estimated 5 million cubic meters of rock fill will be made. A measured area will not be made. This is the estimated figures. The fillings in Istanbul are very large. We would like to fill in the Bay. Kocaeli is an important city in terms of competition in the world. investments to be made in Turkey "We do not want saying," We do not want a negative impact on the country's future. Today's technology can be done without damaging the sea. I have a dock. We take the dock further forward. We are not saying to dock the virgin area. increase revenue and revenue growth in Kocaeli in Turkey is reflected in the people. It is not possible to enrich without income.

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