Ecological measures for accidents on highways

Ecological Measures on Accidents on Highways: The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs builds ecological bridges on highways to prevent wildlife traffic accidents.
According to a written statement from the Ministry, General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks Wild Animals Deaths Project (KARAYAP) was prepared. In this context, ecological bridges to be built on the roads and wildlife-related traffic accidents caused by the loss of life and property will be prevented. The points of the project and wildlife related accidents will also be determined.
Road and rail networks are rapidly evolving to meet the needs that arise as a result of economic and industrial developments. This situation has a negative impact on wildlife. Especially the highway and divided roads lead to the division of wildlife habitats and forests. The resulting divisions lead to the formation of smaller plant and animal populations independent of each other, and the species becoming more susceptible to depletion. In addition, roads that pass through the habitats of wild animals increase traffic accidents. For these reasons, ecological barriers (overpass, underpass) will be formed in sensitive areas determined within the scope of the project. In addition, the General Directorate of Highways will be informed and new roads and railways to be built will be provided by the construction of bridges within the scope of these data.
In the statement, Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroğlu said, “With the project, local and national media will also be followed and data will be included on the map. Thus, with this map, an asset-absence survey that provides information about wildlife will also be made ”.

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